Large Scale Military Training in the Jordan Valley

Large Scale Military Training in the Jordan Valley


Violation: the Israeli Occupation Army performs a large-scale skirmish in the northern Jordan Valley.

Location: Yirza, Ein al Hilwa, and Al ‘Aqaba.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: Bedouin families in the area.

Date: July 1, 2012.




Every summer, the Israeli Occupation Army increases its activities by conducting a number of skirmishes in the Jordan Valley area; these skirmishes inflicted a great deal of damage on the lives of the locals. It is obvious that the Israelis attempt to break the Palestinians living in the area and force them to leave.


The purpose of these skirmishes in that particular area is damaging agriculture and livestock; this year has been the worst compared to previous ones; the Israelis did not only conduct their trainings but also declared Yirza, Ein al Hilwa, and Al Aqaba as closed military zones and ordered the Palestinin residences to clear the area within 24 hours of the declaration.


 This resulted in the destruction of over 400 dunums planted with summer crops in addition to turning some residential areas into shooting grounds. Aref Daraghma, Head of Al Maleh Village Council said that crimes are carried out on daily basis; attacks against the Bedouin communities which are not even recognized by the Israelis who are trying to dismantle them and remove them by any means necessary.


In addition, the Israelis tend to take over all the natural resources in the area as well as targeting the Palestinian farmers using flash bangs to torch fields and demolishing structures in the winter to leave the residents shelter-less. 


Picture 1-2: skirmishes in the Jordan Valley



The Jordan Valley occupies one third of the area of the West Bank; it has always been described as the green part of Palestine, however, 45 years of occupation and colonization turned huge parts into barren lands. Nowadays, 31 Israeli colonies inhabited by around 7500 colonists spread around the area; in contrast, there exist 18 Palestinian communities inhabited by around 56000 people.


The Israeli Occupation Authorities insist that the Jordan Valley area is the eastern border area and that it will not be included in any negotiations; it is, for them, as important as Jerusalem itself and that’s why they are eager to fully control it.



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