Four Stop-work Orders in “Farsh al Hawa”

Four Stop-work Orders in “Farsh al Hawa”


Violation: 4 stop-work orders in Farsh al Hawa – Hebron.

Date: July 9, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victim: Mohammad Abdeen.




The Israeli Occupation Authorities issued four stop-work orders for 4 structures in Farsh al Hwa; the structures are the property of Mohammad Abdeen. Each order was designated for one structure as follows:


1.  Order number 149110 issued by the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration on July 9, 2012 was designated for a 50-m2-building with a metal roof. The building was supposed to shelter the owner and farmers working in the field.



Picture A: notification



Picture 1: structure


2.  Order number 149366 issued by the Israeli Occupation Authorities on July 11 ,2012 which called for the removal of a container that was  used as a toolshed.



Picture B: notification:


Picture 2: the container



3. Order number 148789 issued on Jamuary 9, 2012, for a newly constructed but unused sewage tanker (27 m3). At the same day, order number 148790 was issued against a 160-m3-cistern.



Picture C: order for the sewage tanker



Picture 3: sewage tanker



Picture D: order designated for the cisterns



Picture 4: the cistern



It must be noted that the targeted plot is being rehabilitated by the owner who has built retaining walls and built the structures to serve the workers and the yields.



Picture 5-6: the rehabilitation project


Abdeen said that when he received the orders in January, he assigned a lawyer to obtain a permit for his project. On May 14, 2012, he received a plan signed by the so-called ‘Guardian of the Absentees Properties’ approving the project. He also applied for a permit to construct a 150-m2-structure but still waiting for approval.




Picture E,F,G: Abdeen Maps and plans



It must be noted that the target plot is located on the edge of by-pass 35, overlooking Beit Kahel.





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