Colonists Chop 100 Olive Trees

Colonists Chop 100 Olive Trees


Violation: cutting 100 olive trees.

Date: july 24, 2012.

Location: Wadi Main – Yatta.

Perpetrators: Israeli colonists.

Victims: Mousa and Khaled al Jabareen.




On July 24, 2012, Israeli colonists cut down 100 olive trees in Wadi Main area to the east of Yatta. The targeted lands are the property of Mousa and Khaled al Jabareen, both of them are residents of Janba,a small village threatened of erasing by the Israeli occupier.


Othman al Jabareen, one of the owners’ cousins accused the colonists of nearby Maon and Susiya of the attack. He said that his cousins complained to the Israeli Police but doubted that the Police will even investigate the matter. He also said that the attack comes as part of the colonists measures to force the Palestinian residents to leave the area; something that colonists have been demanding for a long time. Mousa lost 60 4-year-old olives while Khaled lost 40 20-year-old olives.





Picture 1-6: cut down trees


Nearby Main, the Israeli Occupation Army blocked an unpaved road connecting a number of small villages with Yatta town using rocks and earth mounds early in August.


Picture 7-8: blocked road


Mohammad al Najjar, a resident of Shib al Butum, one of the villages affected by the closure, said that the locals used to use this road to get to Yatta because it’s the shortest path.




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