Colonial Expansions in Nablus Countryside

Colonial Expansions in Nablus Countryside




Violation: fencing 130 dunums, leveling 40 others, adding 63 mobiles homes, setting a Palestinain residence ablaze, and shooting at another.

Location: villages in Nablus (Jalud, Qusra, Qaryut, and Talfit).

Date: July 17, 2012.

Perpetrators: colonists of Yish Kudish, Adi Ad, and Ihya.

Victims: agricultural lands in the area.




Colonies around Nablus are expanding on an unprecedented rate by adding new mobile homes; Yish Kudish is expanding on a bigger rate compared to other colonies; in the past few days, over 48 dunums were fenced and a number of mobile homes have been added.


Picture 1-2: colonial units added to Yish Kudish


Picture 3: fenced lands



To the east of Talfit stands the colony of Ehya were the Israeli Occupation Army placed a watchtower to provide protection to colonists who have been adding mobile homes over Jalud lands.



Picture 4: Ehya colonial outpost


To the west of al Mughayer stands Adi Ad colony which is inhabited by a large number of radical Jews; colonists placed 23 mobile homes in the colony and fenced over 80 dunums of olive fields owned by farmers of Jalud and Qaryut.


Picture 5: Adi Ad colony



The name Adi Ad has always been connected to terrorism and fear as it has been the launching point of numerous attacks against the Palestinians in the area. The attacks resulted in ravaging tens of trees as well as torching cars, structures, and even mosques. On the other hand, large expansions have been taking place in Shivut Rachel colony; around 40 dunums had been plowed and made ready for construction.


Picture 6: Shivut Rachel



Colonists attacks against the Palestinians of Jalud:


On July 17, 2012, colonists of Ehya broke into a number of Palestinian houses in the eastern part of Jalud where they threw a gas grenade into Mahmoud Abbad residence which resulted in the suffocation of an infant. They also sneaked into Fawzi Abbad residence where one colonist opened fire towards one of the children’s room; luckily, no children were there.



Picture 7: window shield, cut by the assailants


The colonists impeded a number of houses before stealing three mattresses from Salam Abbad yard.



Picture 8: damaged residence





The village of Jalud is located 25 kilometers south east of Nablus. It is connected to the main road through an 8-kilomter secondary road. The overall area of the village is 16,517 dunums of which only 80.5 dunums are its built-up area. Around 1,207 dunums were confiscated by occupation forces for the purpose of establishing colonies. According to the 2007 population census, the Palestinian residents of the village were 464. 




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