Allocating Money to turn Ariel College into a University

Allocating Money to turn Ariel College into a University


Violation: the Israeli Ministry of Finance pledged to allocate funds to turn Ariel College into a fully recognized University.

Date: July 15, 2012.

Location: Ariel colony in the heart of Salfit Governorate.




As part of the Israeli plans to encourage colonization of the West Bank; the Israeli Government succumbed to the colonial bodies pressure and pledged to allocate a total of 30 million dollars to develop Ariel College subject to the approval of Organization and budgeting Committee of the Higher Israeli Education Council.




Picture 1: Ariel colony



The council had previously rejected a preposition for financial reasons; however, a large number of Israeli politicians and colonists bodies pushed towards its approval. The so-called Jehovah and Samaria College was built over lands stolen from its Palestinian owners in 1998; its establishment was a deviance from the UNESCO rules and regulations as well as a breach of the Fourth Geneva Conventions.


In addition, the Israeli Government facilitated students enrollment in the college and provided any student with financial aid. Students and teachers alike have the freedom to roam the area while its owners are not even allowed to access it. At the same time, student are being taught about ethics, justice, peace, which is contradictory to the fact that they are part of the Israeli crimes.




Ariel is the second largest colony in the West Bank, itwas established in 1978; it is located 22 km to the east of the armistice line. Its built-up area is 5226 dunums inhabited by 16053 colonists. The colony is built over parts of the Palestinian villages of Marda, Eskaka, Salfit, and Kafl Haris.



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