Turning Lands into Military Training Grounds

Turning Lands into Military Training Grounds



  • Violation: large scale military trainings in Aqrabaniyya lands.
  • Date: June 29, 2012.
  • Victims: villagers of Aqrabaniyya.


Late June, 2012, a large Israeli force, around 60 vehicles, broke into Aqrabaniyya village in the Jordan Valley and started military training there. The training resulted in damaging the power network and cutting the power supply for 3 nights.



Picture 1-4: damaged electricity polls


In addition, the Israeli Occupation Army damaged a 2-km-long section of a road that was paved 4 months earlier in addition to retaining walls and a water pool in the area. The psychological pressure imposed on villagers due to such trainings is massive; it is also a violation of all the agreements in regard to the protection of civilians. Aqrabaniyya is located 18 km to the north east of Nablus; it is inhabited by around 1000 people, 95 % of them are refugees. 


Picture 5: Aqrabaniyya

The village's total area is 6000 dunums of which 2000 dunums are planted with trees and plants and around 2700 dunums planted with grains. The organizational plan of the village cover only 200 dunums. The rest of the village lands have been captured by the nearby Alone oreh colony which is built on the village.




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