Stop-work Orders for Cisterns in kafr Qaddum

Stop-work Orders for Cisterns in kafr Qaddum



Violation: stop-work orders for two cisterns.

Date: june 28, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Inspection Subcommittee – the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.

Victim: Nazmi Yousuf.

Location: Harayeq Abed area, south east Kafr Qaddum.




On June 28, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration handed Nazmi Yousuf a notification ordering him to stop any work in two cisterns that are being dug. Each cistern is 45 m3 in volume and were supposed to be used to water 71 dunums of lands planted with prunes and olives in an area known as Harayeq Abed, 1 km away from Kadummim colony.



Picture 1: Kadummim colony


The orders gave the owner a respite till July 12, 2012 to resolve the situation of his structure; the same date for the hearing session to be held at Beit El Military Court in regard to the structures. Harayeq abed area is one of the areas were access is restricted due to the colonists organized attacks.


In recent years, numerous attacks against farmers were reported especially during the olive picking season, these attacks including uprooting trees, torching lands and trees, stealing crop, and physical and oral abuse of farmers. In 2011 olive picking season, colonists fenced tens of dunums of Palestinian lands and kicked the farmers out of them with the protection of the Israeli Army. Many international organizations interfered but to no avail as the Army kept delaying eviction of the colonists which ignited clashes between colonists and farmers who sustained a lot of injuries.


Kafr Qaddum is located 25 km to the east of Qalqiliya. Its total area is around 20,000 dunums including 1382 dunums of built up area. There are around 2500 dunums of rangeland and 5000 dunums were captured by the Israeli and being used for colonial activities. The rest are agricultural field mostly planted with olive (85%).




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