Demolition four Shacks in Al Sal’a Neighborhood in Jabal Al Mukkabir

Demolition four Shacks in Al Sal’a Neighborhood in Jabal Al Mukkabir



Violation: demolishing four shacks with a total area of 450 m2.

Date: June 12, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City.

Victims: Aziz Ja’abees family; 10 people including 8 children.


On June 12, 2012, the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City demolished for shacks; the largest is 350 m2 in area and was used as a barn sheltering 150 goats and sheep. The others were 100 m2 and were used to store hay and yeast. The shacks were the property of Aziz J’abees and were demolished on the pretext of no construction permit.


Picture 1-2: the remains of the shacks



The owner said: ‘the construction of the shacks was completed in 2002. They were built over a 1-dunum-plot which I owned for the benefit of my cattle. In 2010, Municipality officers showed up and stuck demolition orders on the shacks; they gave me a 35-day-respite to either dismantle the buildings or acquire a permit.


I assigned Zyad Qi’war, an attorney of law, to follow up my permit application and brought a surveyor to provide official maps. My application cost me a total of 40,000 ILS. Several hearing sessions took place and every time my lawyer tried to stall. In the last session, it was decided that another one is ought to take place in July, 2012. However, today, at around 7:30 am, I was shocked to see all the Police cars and the dozer. They told me that I have ten minutes to clear the contents of the shacks.


While moving the cattle away, the dozers embarked on the demolition; three heads were buried under the rubble while over 20 tons of hay, yeast, and cattle food with an estimated value of 50,000 were buried. The demolishing lasted for three hours; when there were done, the officer demanded that I clear the area and remove all the rubble within 3 days or they will confiscate the cattle ‘.


Picture 3: shelter-less cattle



He added: ‘I do not know what am I supposed to do now, the cattle is my only source of living and they are now under the burning sunbeams without a shelter; in addition, if I did not remove the rubble they will impose more fines on me which I cannot afford or even worse, they will confiscate the cattle‘. Aziz is married and have 8 children, the oldest is 17 years of age. 3 of his children are mentally impaired.



Picture 4: children and the ruins





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