Colonists Halt the Construction of Palestinian Buildings

Colonists Halt the Construction of Palestinian Buildings


Violation: colonists attack Palestinian residences in Al Ras area.

Date: May 31 and June 2, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army and colonists of Kiryat Arbaa.

Victims: Bassam and Mohammad al Ja’bari.






Colonists escalated their attacks on Bassam and Mohammad al Ja’bari residences in Al Ras area of Hebron. The colonists attacked the houses and ordered the owners to stop the construction. Bassam said: ‘the colonists attacks had begun on May 31, 2012 when they gathered nearby Al Rajabi building, which was captured the by colonists. The group was led by people like Baruch Marzal, Banet Cohen, Kana Ufra, and Maryam Lawenger. A group of 80 colonists marched towards our residences and started shouting calling us to stop construction while showering us with all kinds of insults. They claimed that the land were the houses are built is their while also, the nearby cemetery is theirs as well. On Thursday, the colonists were sticking posters, written in Hebrew, on the walls of our shops and residences. Owever, the escorting soldiers removed them‘.



Picture 1: in Hebrew, it says ‘no more construction for terrorists’



Picture 2: in Hebrew, it says ‘let our fathers live by our ancestors’


He added: ‘on the next day, soldiers harassed passerbys while allowing the colonists to walk around and form demonstrations all around the city. They also stopped some young men.


On June 2nd, a number of cars and a bus full of colonists stopped by our residences. They had tools and ladders with them. They tried to climb to the second floor to demolish what started but we prevented them from doing so.’



Picture 3: the second storey of Bassam al Ja’bari residence



Picture 4: the second storey of Mohammad al Ja’bari residence

He said that two officers with the aliases (Adnan and Ameer) were present and ordered him to clear all the construction materials in two hours. He said that it was 3:00 am in the morning in there was no way he could move the material over the rough road. But the officers insisted that if he doesn’t they will move them and damage everything in their way.



Picture 5: rough road



He managed to move the material with the help of the Palestinian Governor’s Office which provided him with a dozer. The first residence is inhabited by a ten-member-family; it is 100 m2 in area. The owner wanted to add a second apartment to give it for his son in his wedding.  On the other hand, the second house is inhabited by 14 people (Mohammad’s family (12) alongside his mother and father). He needed to enlarge his 100 m2 residence. They pointed that the Israelis intend to deport them from the area by any means necessary in order to facilitate the capture of Al Musallen Road which leads to the Ibrahimi Mosque.



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