The Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem during the month April

The Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem during the month April




Most of the neighborhoods of the Occupied City faced grievous violations of the Palestinian rights committed by Israeli official or non-official bodies. These included a violation of the Palestinians’ right to residence and adequate housing reflected in house demolitions, demolition threats, and seizures. In addition, Palestinian lands are being confiscated for the sake of colonial expansions while being ‘safe’ has become a luxury for Palestinian families due to various Israeli measures.

  • In al Jib, the Israeli Occupation Army demolished 16 structures that benefited around 50people including 33 children.

  • In Beit Hanina, Jamjoum and Maslamani families were left anxious after receiving eviction orders for their residences which are claimed to be ‘state property’.

  • 3 residences of Al Natsha family were captured in Al Ashqariyya neighborhood; 20 people, including 11 children, were left homeless as a result.

  • The Israeli Occupation Authorities approved the construction of a huge military academy to be built on the top of Al Masharef Mountain which overlooks Al Aqsa mosque.

  • Defilement of the holy mosque of Al Aqsa continues as colonists broke into the mosque yards and formed dancing and singing circles while celebrating the Jewish holiday of the ‘pesach’ or passover.

The Right to Residence…Demolitions

Demolishing 16 sheds in Al Jib in the Occupied City of Jerusalem


On April 18, 2012, 7 Israeli vehicles accompanied by 4 dozers and two trucks (one crane) broke into an area known as Sh’ib Wishah, western al Jib and embarked on a large-scale demolition campaign that hit barns and 10 residential sheds, inhabited by 50 people including 33 children. Mohammad al Jahaleen stated to a Land Research Center observer: ‘as soon as the officer in charge and his troops stepped of the cars and before even addressing any of us, the bulldozers commenced the demolitions. The officer said, from here on, while pointing at the first shed, everything will be wiped off except for one temporary tent till you all leave.


The soldiers prevented us from getting to our houses or clear the contents; they also prevented us from calling each other. They also pulled out the fences surrounding the sheds and the barns and loaded it into the trucks; as a result, 300 heads of cattle were left shelter-less.‘. Mohammad Salim said: ‘in 2008, the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration handed us eviction orders, we responded by assigning an attorney to defend our case.


The eviction order was postponed several times; every time it happened, the Israeli Ministry of Defense ordered us to provide certain documents, a permit from the owner. Soon, a lease contract signed by the owner was demanded for the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration and then they asked for an ownership deed despite knowing that we don’t own the land.


In the end, they demanded that we apply for construction permits; the thing that is illogical since we own primitive residences that have no proper foundation; acquiring a permit will be impossible. On November 21, 2011, the Organization and Construction Committee decided to carry on with the eviction plans unless we manage to acquire a permit within 45 days.


On January 15, 2012, the respite was over; we as residents demanded resettlement or being allowed to go back to our original dwelling in Wad Arar in Negev, which we were forcefully evicted from in 1950.


Table 1: victims:




Family members





Salim al Jahaleen






Suleiman Odeh






Daoud al Jahaleen






Iyad al Jahaleen






Fayez Salim






Fawwaz Salim






Khalil Salim










*source: field work – Israeli Human Rights Violations Monitoring Unit – LRC





Destruction in Al Jib



The Right to Residency… Threats

Eviction Orders for Jamjoum and Al Maslamani Families.


Two Palestinian families are facing expulsion from their residences on claims that they are built on ‘state property’. The first residence is owned by Mr. Adel al Maslamani; it is 250 m2 in area and inhabited by 14 members. The second residence s the property of Samir Jamjoum; it is inhabited by ten people including 8 children. It could be seen that only a fence separates the houses from a watchtower and a water reservoir that feeds Pisgat Ze’ev and Neve Yacoub colonies.



Adel al Maslamani said: ‘this residence is an Arabic, Islamic one. It was built in 1954 and was inhabited by the high commander of the Jordanian Forces in Jerusalem. It is located in an Arab neighborhood. I rented the house from the Waqf authority in 1997.


In 2001, an officer of the Israeli land department showed up on our doorstep and ordered us to leave the hose because it has been built on state property while stating that the plot has been confiscated since 1968 on the basis of the Jordanian law which gave the state the right to confiscate lands to be used for public usage.


The Islamic Waqf, the owner, intended to defend its property before giving in while thinking that there is no way to change the Israelis mind. However, I did not surrender; I decided to defend the case on my own expense, no matter what it takes.


In 2008, the Israeli Land Department sent us an eviction order for the house and the land; we pleaded for the Jordanian Government, the incumbent of the Islamic Waqf, the Palestinian president office, and a number of religious figures in an attempt to gain support and sound our cause.


A number of committees were formed to aid us but we are still waiting for the Israeli response knowing that a hearing session was held in the Magistrate court on March 30, 2012.




He continued:the Israelis tried to scare us away and terrorize us; in 2008, Israeli Intelligence Officers showed up in civil outfit and in private cars and tried to kidnap my son Nidal; when they failed, the brutally attacked the family. Two of them restrained Nidal and a third spit into his mouth in a disgusting scene and before they eyes of tens of people. They arrested him and my other son Badr. Badr was imprisoned for a month while Nidal remained there for 18 months.’ He concluded: ‘it is our right to remain here; Israel is vanity; and I would rather die here than leaving‘.





Evicting Al Natsha Family

Beit Hanina – the Occupied City of Jerusalem


On April 18, 2012, Israeli troops broke into Al Natsha residences and forcefully evicted them before handing the house over to Israeli colonists. A large Israeli force set a perimeter around Al Natsha residences before breaking into them and ordering the residents to evacuate them immediately by orders of the Israeli Magistrate Court and in favor of the godfather of Israeli colonization in the Occupied City Ari King, chairman of the ‘Israel Land Fund’.



The family refused to leave the houses where they have lived for 14 years. Suleiman al Natsha bought the 15-dunum-plot in 1935, long before the declaration of the so-called State of Israel. However, the Israeli troops did not respond lightly to the family rejection and assaulted Suleiman (24) before arresting him.


They also attacked Omar (18) and scored his head and broke the hand of Ahmad (16). Soon afterwards, workers emptied the house of its contents and Jewish colonists were allowed in before the eyes of the owners. Lubna al Natsha stated to a Land Research Center observer: ‘in 2001, Ari King paid us a visit alongside the so-called Meskovitch, the Jewish multi-millionaire; King claimed ownership of 5.5 dunums, he said that his grandfather bought the land in the 1930’s and he told my husband that we must evacuate the land. Soon afterwards, we were informed that king is suing us. In 2005, the Israeli Magistrate Court ruled in his favor and ordered us to evacuate the plot. In 2010, my husband appealed to the Central Court which rejected the appeal and forced us to pay the colonists’ lawyer fees, an amount of 5000 ILS in addition to 16,000 ILS to the Court fund‘. The Police has always been serving the colonists; they broke into our house several times in an attempt to force us out, the most recent raids took place on February 21, 2011 and March 27, 2012‘.



Captured residences:

  1. Khaled al Natsha, a 3-bedroom, 95-m2 residence which was inhabited by an 11-member-family including 6 children.

  2. Suleiman al Natsha, a 2-bedroom, 40-m2 residence which was inhabited by a 3-member-family including a child.

  3. Khaled Arafat al Natsha, a 3-bedroom, 100-m2 residence which was inhabited by a 6-member-family including 4children.

Coherently, the Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Mohammad al Joulani (disabled) an eviction order for his 70-m2-residence which was built in 1998. The residence shelters Mohammad 6-member family (including 4 children).


The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City fined him an excess of 60,000 ILS and set April, 22, 2012 as the date for a hearing session to be held in this regard.


Land Research Center condemns the Israeli measures that aim to seize Palestinian property and evict Palestinians and replace them with Jewish colonists which scandalously contradicts with the international laws and conventions. Land Research Center holds the international community accountable for the Israeli crimes since it is observing but not acting to stop them.


Confiscation and Colonization

A Plan to build a Military Academy on Al Masharef Mountain:


On April 6, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Authorities approved a plan to construct a massive military academy on Al Masharef mountain which is adjacent to Wadi al Joz and al Suwwana neighborhoods and overlooks al Aqsa Mosque. The academy will occupy 14 dunums of the waqf property. The project is supervised by ‘Jerusalem Development Center’ which is also in charge of the construction of the biblical gardens spreading all around the city.


It seems that the Israelis are moving the security officed to the eastern part of the city. This reflects the Israeli plans for the city judization which also includes the large number of the so-called biblical gardens in addition to the replacement of the Arabic names of streets with Jewish ones and forging history. The Israeli Occupation Authorities are confiscating and capturing Palestinian lands simply by claiming it a state property.


The Palestinians receive no compensation whatsoever for the lands neither do they benefit from the way the lands are used. It is obvious that the Israeli State projects are set to serve the Jewish population of the city.


The lands are used for the construction of biblical gardens, synagogues, government buildings, colonies, and recetly, a Military Academy. This is a breach of all the international agreements and conventions especially the Geneva Fourth Convention.


Siege and Blockades

Preventing Abdul Latig Gayth from entering the West Bank:


The Israeli Occupation Authorities handed Abdul Latif Gayth an order prohibiting him from entering the West Bank. He received a call from the Police demanding his immediate presence; there they handed him the order without giving any reasons. He received a similar order 6 months earlier. Gayth is an activist who has been working for ‘Al Damir’ Organization for over twenty years; serving the prisoners cause.


Restraining the movement of citizens of the occupied country is a breach Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stating: ‘ (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state. (2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.’


Aggressions on Religious sites

‘We are going back to the temple, reconstruct the temple and sacrifice the scapegoats’


On April 22, 2012, Israeli colonists of the so-called ‘the coalition of movements for the reconstruction of the temple’ participated in the ‘doors march’; the name comes from the plan to pass through the doors of Al Aqsa. Under extreme security measures, the demonstration moved at the early evening hours passing through the Old City towards Al Aqsa Mosque. The demonstrators called for the acceleration of the building of the temple, consequently, the demolition of Al Aqsa.


The Israeli Occupation restricts freedoms:


The Israeli Occupation Authorities prohibited Ikrima Sabri, chairman of the Higher Islamic Association and Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, from entering the mosque for a period of two months. This is the third time he receives such a ban. Sabri said that such a ban is illegal while emphasizing that the military control won’t give the Israelis any rights in the mosque. He also said: ‘this order comes as a result of instigations of various colonial groups who try to defile the holiness of the mosque which is for Muslims only‘.


The Israeli decision to Ban Mr. Sabri is a breach of that particular person right to freedom of religious practice, a right granted by the International laws, particularly, article 18 of the Universal declaration of human rights stating: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


Israeli colonists break into Al Aqsa yard and form dancing and singing rings:


At 8:30 am, on April 8, 2012, a group of Israeli colonists broke into Al Aqsa yards and performed certain religious rituals before switching into singing and dancing; showing no respect whatsoever to the sacredness of the site. The Israeli Police provided them with protection.


Mohammad Husein, Mufti of Palestine and one of the Imams of the mosque warned of the seriousness of the situation and the provocations of the Israelis who call for the demolition of the mosque and the construction of the so-called temple.



Israeli troops taking pictures of the Mosque


Defilement, stealing of antiques and artifacts, changing the shape of the mosque and its facilities, and other sorts of attacks continue unabated.


The international Convention guaranteed the safety of religious and sacred sites; it says:


Hague Regulations (1899): Article 27 of the 1899 Hague Regulations provides: In sieges and bombardments all necessary steps should be taken to spare as far as possible edifices devoted to religion, art, science, and charity … provided they are not being used at the time for military purposes.


Art 53. Protection of cultural objects and of places of worship: ‘Without prejudice to the provisions of the Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict of 14 May 1954, and of other relevant international instruments, it is prohibited:

  • (a) commit any acts of hostility directed against the historic monuments, works of art or places of worship which constitute the cultural or spiritual heritage of peoples;

  • (b) to use such objects in support of the military effort;

  • (c) to make such objects the object of reprisals.’

Violations against Individuals

Murder of an innocent child:


On April 2, 2012, Aseel Ara’ra, a 4 year old child died in the hospital after being hit by a bullet shot by an Israeli sniper while she was playing with other children in the street. The bullet cut Aseel’s spinal cord and she was completely paralyzed before surrendering to her wound and die.


The locals stated that the Israeli Military have been having skirmishes in the nearby military camp while paying no attention to the safety of the people around.



Aseel Ara’ra… fully paralyzed and dying



Raids and Closures

Closing down Civil Society Organizations:


The Israeli Police and officers of the Israeli Intelligence broke into the offices of ‘Hona al Quds Community media’ in al Khalidiyya neighborhood in the old city and stopped a ceremony that was supposed to take place. They also arrested Adel Rwaished and Muhannad Izheman whore were interrogated and released later.



Dr. Jameel Nseba stated to an LRC observer: ‘the Israeli Police broke into the offices, confiscated documents, prevented anyone near, and ordered immediate evacuation of staff before handing us an order that said: ‘the Minister of Internal security and Knesset member Yizhaq Ahronovich order, according to the middle agreement in regard the West Bank and Gaza (limiting activities 1994), and after being informed on April 2, 2012 that a conference shall take place in Al Khalidiyya in regard to the  wire and wireless communication in Al Khalidiyya which is sponsored by the Palestinian Authority and based on my power according to Article B3 of the law I order the prohibition of such a conference in Jerusalem or any other part of Israel and I order the owners of the venue and the organizers to stop it immediately and not consider having it not in Jerusalem nor in any other part of Israel‘.


The Israeli policy of closing down community based organizations in Jerusalem has been quite active lately; this is done in an attempt to isolate Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings. Accordingly, the Israelis arelimiting the freedoms of the Palestinian population in the Occupied City, freedoms that were guaranteed by the international agreements including:


Article 20 of the universal declaration of human rights stating:’


(1)  Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association. (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association. ‘


  1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

  2. No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those which are prescribed by law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order (ordre public), the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This article shall not prevent the imposition of lawful restrictions on members of the armed forces and of the police in their exercise of this right.

Article 8 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

1. The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to ensure:

  • (a) The right of everyone to form trade unions and join the trade union of his choice, subject only to the rules of the organization concerned, for the promotion and protection of his economic and social interests. No restrictions may be placed on the exercise of this right other than those prescribed by law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public order or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others;

  • (b) The right of trade unions to establish national federations or confederations and the right of the latter to form or join international trade-union organizations;

  • (c) The right of trade unions to function freely subject to no limitations other than those prescribed by law and which are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public order or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others;

  • (d) The right to strike, provided that it is exercised in conformity with the laws of the particular country.




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