Sabotaging the Power Supply for the Water Network in An Nabi Elias

Sabotaging the Power Supply for the Water Network in An Nabi Elias


Date: May 1, 2012.

Location: An Nabi Elias – Qalqiliya.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: 79 Palestinian families.





Since the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank in 1967; the Israeli Occupation Authorities core agenda has been taking over natural resources, especially water, besides the destruction of the agricultural sector.


On May 1, 2012, an Israeli force destroyed a 1-km-long power line (13 poles) which supplies Abdul Fattah Majd water tank with power. The tank in turn supplies 850 dunums with water. The operation also included the confiscation of the poles and 1000 meters of brass wires.




Picture 1: targeted tank


The power was used to pump water with a rate of 55 m3/hour. A stop-work order was issued on November 28, 2011; five months later, the network was destroyed in contradiction with the orders which included stoppage of all operations but not demolition. It must be noted that the village council filed a case in an Israeli Court; however, demolition took place before the Court’s verdict.



Picture 2: removal of the network


The village council said in a statement: ‘the Israelis have a systemized approach to hit the agricultural sector in the village. For three years, we were trying to find a donor to fund a project to operate the well using electricity instead of Diesel which proved to be costly. On m3 of water cost the farmer 20 ILS. Finally, we received 30,000 ILS fund from the PA. The project started in October, 2011 and it had an immediate effect on the prices of water which helped to flourish irrigated planting. However, the Israelis became aware of the benefits of such project which was destroyed in May, damaging the lives of 79 family and 850 dunums‘.


Sabotaging a water supply network:


The Israelis were not satisfied by the destruction of the power grid line but they also destroyed the water supply network spreading to around 850 dunums of land. It must be noted that the Hydrologene Group commenced on a 63,700 USD project to install 1500 of pipelines supplying 150 dunums in Al Manzela area (19 families, 101 people) and 700 dunums in Al Bayader (60 families, 420 people).




Picture 3-5: agricultural lands – Al bayader


It must be noted the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration threatened to demolish the whole project if work did not stop immediately which will definitely hinder development in the village.



Picture 6: stop-work order for the water network



An Nabi Elias:


A Palestinian village located 4 km to the east of Qalqiliya. Its total area is around 4500 dunums which were cut into half due to the construction of the segregation wall. The village is inhabited by 1400 people.





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