Leveling of a Gas Station in Hizma Town

Leveling of a Gas Station in Hizma Town


Violation: turning an 80-m2-gas station into rubble.

Location: Hizma – north of Jerusalem.

Date: May 28, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: Fadi abu Taleb family and 8 other families.




Israeli dozers confiscated the contents of a gas station before leveling it on May 28, 2012. The station is property of Fadi abu Taleb (28), the sole supporter of a 6-member-family, including 4 children. Fadi stated to an LRC observer: ‘the station was established in 2000, 12 years ago over an area of 80 m2. It was built of cement poles topped with a metal umbrella. 8 people worked in the station, four for filling gas and 4 others for car washing and other services. All of them relied on the station for their income


On May 28, 2012, at around midnight, Israeli troops accompanied by 2 dozers showed up in the area and ordered us to leave. The station had been operating for 12 years and we never received any warnings or orders. Anyway, we asked them for a chance to clear the contents of the station but they yelled at us and pointed their rifles on us. People started to gather around the scene and soldiers scattered them using pepper gas and bashers. They had a gas tanker; they filled it with gas, confiscating all the contents. 3 tanks, each with a 10,000 liter capacity were emptied.






In addition, they confiscated the car washing equipment as well as oils and cars accessories. I asked the officer in charge to give me a receipt of what has been confiscated so I can take it back. He replied by saying that I should go to the Civil Administration Office in Beit El, apply for an entry permit to Jerusalem and check in the Municipality to see if I can get anything back. He was mocking me because he knew that I could not get an entry permit to Jerusalem ‘.


Fadi’s losses are estimated to be somewhere around 250,000 and 300,000 ILS.







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