Expanding a Checkpoint in Beit Awwa

Expanding a Checkpoint in Beit Awwa
The Israeli Occupation Army embarked on expanding a military checkpoint in ‘Al Baq’a’ near Beit Awwa town. The Israeli Occupation Army started leveling lands around the watchtower located on the cross road in between Beit Awwa, Dura villages of Al Burj and Sikka, and Dura town. The cross road also lead to the Israeli colonies of Negohot and Givat Habustan.
The Israeli troops placed cement blocks on both sides of the road; they also placed a caravan (probably a field operations control center). Heavy machineries had been seen knocking down cliffs and leveling lands in the area which also witnessed heavy activities by the Army. Israeli soldiers stopped passersby and conducted thorough checks of ids, vehicles, and belongings. According to Beit Awwa Municipality, the watchtower was placed in 2004; the Israelis blocked the crossover at the time of placement.
The crossroad remained block till Beit Awwa Municipality and the Villages Participatory Council filed a case in the Israeli Supreme Court demanding a reopening. Palestinians were forced to drive an extra 30 km to get to the main road. The crossroad was reopened in 2009; however, the Israeli Army placed a gate on every road that branches of it, a total of three gates.
It is worthy to mention that the watchtower is placed on a land owned by Al Sweiti family, a 1-dunum-plot. However, troops stationed there prevent Palestinians from reaching a nearby water spring; it also prohibited Al Sweiti from using his 7-dunum-field in the area. The locals are worried that the Israelis plan to convert the area into a new military outpost considering the recent expansions.

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