Demolishing a commercial structure in Sabastiya

Demolishing a commercial structure in Sabastiya
Violation: demolishing a 60-m2 kitchenware shop.
Date: May 10, 2012.
Location: northern entrance of Sabastiya.
Victim: Ahmad Kayed.
We are persecuted no matter where we go, I lost my job in the Green Line for no reason; afterwards, I started a small business selling kitchenware in Sabastiya. However, I was not left alone; they destroyed the shed which I used as a store. Now, I am jobless.
With these words, Ahmad Kayed (39) tried to explain his situation and the bitter status of Palestinian residents regardless of age, status, wealth, religion, etc. On May 10, 2012, Israeli troops accompanied by a dozer broke into Sabastiya and destroyed a 60-m2-store (built of metal slabs) which was used as a kitchenware shop. Ahmad is the sole supporter of a 7-member-family that includes 5 children.

Picture 1-3: ruins of the structure

Picture 4: an alternative structure being placed 

It must be noted that the Israeli Occupation had demolished a number of agricultural and residential near the northern entrance of Sabastiya. The Israelis claim that the structure are close to Shavi  Shimron colony which is built over Sabastiya and Deir Sharaf.
Sabastiya is located 12 km to the north west of Nablus. Its total area is 4900 dunums inhabited by 3700 poeole who depend largely on agriculture. It must be noted that Sabastiya has lost huge parts of its land to colonization.
Shavi Shamron colony:
The colony was established over the ruins of a Jordanian military base 8 km to the north of Nablus. In 1967, the Jordanian military camp was assimilated by the Israelis and became a starting point for Israeli attacks on the area. In 1977, the military camp had begun to transform to take a more ‘civil’ shape as colonists begun to reside there. Today, around 631 colonists reside in the colony. In 2005, the Israeli Occupation Army fenced the area around the colony and created a ‘security buffer zone’; hundreds of dunums were consumed.
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