Demolishing a Cistern in Beit Hanina north of Jeruaslem city

Demolishing a Cistern in Beit Hanina north of Jeruaslem city
Violation: demolishing a cistern feeding 1.6 dunums.
Date: May 9, 2012.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army and the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
Location: Al Merwaha – Beit Hanina.
Victim: Walid Idkedek.
 On May 9, 2012, an Israeli force broke into the field and embarked on demolishing the cistern which is used to supply it with water. The cistern is 70 m3 in volume. The field is owned by Walid Idkedek (50), married and a father of 5 children. Idkeded said: ‘I bought the 1.6-dunum plot five years ago. It is planted with olives, peach, fig and apricot. I built the cistern 3 years ago to supply the plot with water. Today, at 8:00 am, a dozer, and vehicles of the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration breached the gate and broke into the plot without informing us before commencing the demolition. Usually, an order is issued before demolition but this time we have not received any orders. The process lasted for more than two hours; I was standing there while being prohibited from entering the plot or even try to talk to the officer in charge.’
The Demolished Cistern


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