Demolishing a Barn in Atouf

Demolishing a Barn in Atouf



Violation: demolishing a 40-m2 barn.

Location: eastern side of Atouf – Tubas.

Date: May 22, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victim: Adnan Masa’eed.




On May 22, 2012, an Israeli force broke into Atouf and demolished a barn on the pretext of construction in a closed military zone according to the Israeli claims. The barn was built late December, 2011 and is owned by Adnan Masa’eed (45) of Atouf.



Picture 1-2: ruins of the barn


Adnan said: ‘ it is the second demolition in less than a year; the barn we demolished in September, 2011; that time, they claimed that the structure was built before acquiring a construction permit in an area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo. And now it was demolished for the second time. The structure is built of cement blocks and metal slabs and is used as a barn. It is located 8 km away from Pigut colony but still, the Israelis are trying to uproot us. I do not have any other place to go; I was born here, lived all my life here, and will definitely die here. The Israeli claims of closed military zones or area ‘C’ are just claims to support their willingness to drive us out!


It must be noted that the Israelis have intensified their operations in Al Bqe’a plain area, basically in Yirza, Makhool, Atouf, etc. not to mention the skirmishes conducted by the Israeli Occupation Army which resulted in the destruction of tens of dunums of agricultural lands.




Picture 3: Atouf






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