An Israeli colonist Physically Abuses a Palestinian

An Israeli colonist Physically Abuses a Palestinian
Violation: attacking a Palestinian and damaging his car and a jackhammer.
Date: May 11, 2012.
Perpetrators: one of Karmi Zur colony security guards, aided by the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Walid Sabarna and Ibrahim abu Maria.
One of the security guards at Karmi Zur colony attacked Walid Sabarna (30); he also broke the windows of his car and the windows of a jackhammer owned by Ibrahim abu Maria.
Sabarna said: ‘on May 11, 2012, I was working in my field which is located to the west of Karmi Zur; I called a JCB jackhammer which is owned by Ibrahim abu Maria. Suddenly, the colony Security guard accompanied by six soldiers broke into the field shouting and ordering us to leave; the colonist threw a rock at my shoulder and the soldiers put me down to the ground and started beating me. Then the colonist impeded my car and the jackhammer with rocks, breaking the windshields.
Picture 1: Sabarna’s car
Picture 2-4: damaged jackhammer
He added: ‘then the colonists ran towards me and hit me in the abdomen and my leg, which was operated recently and I had platinum rods in, with his gun. Then he pointed the gun at us and told us that he will shoot if we do not leave immediately. Then he took a dagger out and punctured the rear wheels of the jackhammer; he also broke 7 seedlings by kicking them and rocked some others to make the fruits or blossoms fall. Meanwhile, the soldiers were watching him and laughing. Soon afterwards, Ibrahim managed to drag the jackhammer out and I was taken to Hebron Hospital for treatment as I suffered from several bruises‘.
He pointed that their loss is estimated to be around 18,000 ILS (3,000 for the car and 15,000 for the jackhammer). He said that he owns an 8-dunum-plot which is 400 meters away from the colony; nothing separates his plot from the colony and he believes the reason for that is the colonists plan to expand over it.

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