Prohibiting the opening of an agricultural road in Ibzeq

Prohibiting the opening of an agricultural road in Ibzeq



Violation: prohibiting the opening of an agricultural road in Ibzeq.

Location: the road connecting the villages of Ibzeq and Raba.

Date: April 8, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: residents of Ibzeq.




On April 8, 2012, the Israeli Occupation Army ordered the stoppage of opening a road connecting the villages of Raba and Ibzeq, claiming that work in area ‘C’ is subject to acquiring a permit from the Israeli Authorities. The planned road was 4 km long and was supposed to serve a total of 200 dunums of agricultural fields; consequently, around 260 people.



Picture 1 & 2: the target road


The Israelis confiscated a jackhammer and a dozer during the operation. The soldiers also threatened the workers and farmers of apprehension if caught in the area claiming that it is a ‘closed military zone’.


Coherently, the so-called ‘Regional Inspection Committee’ have issued numerous orders in an attempt to drive Palestinians out of their lands. The Israelis claim that the area is a military zone is just an excuse to veil their ethnc cleansing policy.


People of Ibzeq lack the basic services and civil rights. Villagers of Ibzeq lead simple and primitive lives, living in simple shacks, and rely on agriculture and herding I their living.


Picture 2-4: Ibzeq


The village is inhabited by 38 nomad families (around 256 people), 16 of the families reside on permanent basis while the rest seek water and food in certain times of the year.





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