Cutting 75 Olive trees in Bitillo village

Cutting 75 Olive trees in Bitillo village
Violation: cutting 75 trees down.
Perpetrators: Nahliel colonists.
Location: Kafr Soum, nearby Nahliel.
Date: March 7, 2012.
Mohammad Bader, a farmer in his sixties, surrendered to crying when his eyes fell on the horrific scene of the remains of his trees. On March 7, 2012, Israeli colonists sneaked into the village of Bitillo from the west and moved towards Kafr Soum, 2 km away from the village’s built-up area. The colonists must have taken advantage of the village tranquility to commit their crime under the night cover. They cut and ravaged 75 fifteen-year-old olive trees using chainsaws.
It is worthy to mention that targeting olive trees is not incidental; several similar attacks have been recorded throughout the years where olives are the main target. By doing so, the Israelis are trying to remove the bond between Palestinians and the land and forge the history.
Nahliel was established in 1984 over the lands of Bitillo and Al Janya. The colony expanded by planting several colonial nucleuses on nearby mountains before connecting them together to form the cancerous entity. More than 400 colonists reside in the colony.
Bitillo is located 19 km to the north west of Ramallah; it is considered the largest village, are-wise, in Ramallah Governorate. The village is edged by Bir Zeit (east), An Nabi Saleh (north), Ras Karkar and Al Janya (south), and the ‘Green Line’ (west). Around 4500 people inhabit the village, mostly youth. The village is known for planting olives, prunes, figs, and citrus. More than 2000 dunums of the village lands are suitable for cultivation. The village total area is 13419 dunums including 5825 dunums of water fed plants and 2500 dunums of olive fields.
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