Excavations in Silwan… an unabated danger

Excavations in Silwan… an unabated danger
El Ad colonial society excavations in Silwan, to the south of Jerusalem Old City, continue unabated despite recent crumples. Diggings are ongoing day and night in Wadi Hilwa in Silwan in the area known by the Israelis as ‘David Park’. The most recent excavations resulted in the collapse of part of Ein Silwan Mosque walls as well as cracks in various roads and houses.
Picture 1: excavations in Wadi Hilwa
Fakhri abu Diab, a member of Silwan Defense Committee, stated: ‘excavations in the area seem to be unstoppable; a great deal of secrecy veil these diggings, no one is allowed to come close. We requested from international bodies to try to find out for us; however, the Turkish delegate failed to as they were also prohibited from getting near‘.
There is no doubt that these excavations will have catastrophic effect on the area and it will drastically damage archeological, religious, and urban surroundings.
 Picture 2-3: crumples
On the other hand, colonial societies are renovating and expanding a captured house in Al Ein area. Meanwhile, Palestinians are being deprived from their basic rights which ought to guarantee a person an adequate place to live in.
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