Laying Foundation for the Talmudic Park in Al ‘Isawiyya town

Laying Foundation for the Talmudic Park in Al ‘Isawiyya town
On January 10, 2012, the Israeli Municipality dozers leveled around 70 dunums in the south eastern part of Al ‘Isawiyya. The Municipality had previously confiscated around 780 dunums from the lands of Al ‘Isawiyya and At Tur for the purpose of building a Talmudic park.

Picture 1-2: leveled lands
Darwish Darwish, the village spokesperson said: ‘the Israeli Occupation Authorities leveled 70 dunums of the village lands and prohibited anyone from reaching the targeted lands. They placed earth mounds to border the area and limit access. 3 dozers operated in the plot, they moved soil and loaded them into trucks which took them to an unknown destination. This is part of the overall Judization plan which aims for the construction of a number of Talmudic parks.’
Picture 3-4: earth mounds
The locals called for replanting the area and using it so as not to allow the Israelis to take over it.


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