Israeli violations of Human Rights 2011

Israeli violations of Human Rights 2011
A year has passed and the situation has been further deteriorating; a year were American true intentions were made public after totally rejecting the Palestinian statehood bid and threatening any state that might support it. The Israeli Government, Army, and colonists increased their attacks on Palestinians; the attacks that targeted areas not only in the West Bank but also in lands occupied in 1948 as well as the Occupied Galilee heights, took various forms.
More than 200 Palestinian residences were demolished in 2011 whereas 400 other structures faced the same fate; another 500 residences and 300 other structures received demolition threats. All took place on the pretext of failure to obtain construction permits; permits that are considered relatively impossible to acquire. On the other hand, more than 12,000 dunums of agricultural lands were aggressed of which 11,000 were confiscated.
In addition, around 2000 dunums were leveled and turned upside down. As for the trees; more than 20,000 trees were ravaged in 2011, 50% of those trees were completely burned or uprooted beside soaking numerous fields with sewage. 3408 olive trees were damaged, more than 1800 completely. 73 aggression against trees or farmers were recorded in 2011 olive picking season.
Attacks in the Jordan Valley area has multiplied over the past year; proving the Israeli scheme to ethnically cleanse the area and take over its resources. Furthermore, the sacredness of mosques did not spare them from the colonists’ attacks; more than 23 mosques were defiled during 2011. Besides, the expansion of the tunnel networks beneath Al Aqsa Mosque is ongoing.
Gaza strip has been suffering from aerial, sea, and land siege; in addition, the Israelis are placing a new ‘security barrier’ around the strip which will thousands of dunums of agricultural lands. The Israeli Government ordered the confiscation of around 0.8 km2 of lands in the so-called Israel, specifically in the Negev; the direct victims were the residents of Al Araqeeb village which was devastated for the fortieth time. Discriminatory acts are most obvious in Jaffa city.
All of the Israeli acts serve the purpose of colonial expansion which will eventually render any efforts for peace, stability, or the establishment of a Palestinian state unattainable. Expansions in 115 Israeli colonies are a proof of such Israeli measures.
LRC, the Palestinian Right to Housing Movement, and various Civil Society Organizations sense the danger of the increasing Israeli hostility. Palestinians are full of hope to acquire full Palestinian sovereignty on an independent Palestinian state while getting huge support of the international community who stood up applauding for the Palestinian statehood bid made by the Palestinian president on September 23, 2011.
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