Demolishing a House in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem city

Demolishing a House in Beit Hanina in  Jerusalem city
The Israeli Occupation Municipality in the Occupied City demolished Cesar al Yaseeni (28) residence in Beit Hanina On December 12, 2011, Israeli troops surrounded the house and initiated the demolition without any prior warnings. The demolition was carried out on the pretext of no construction permit.
The soldiers evacuated the family members and workers threw the contents of the house on the sidewalk before a dozer leveled the house. Cesar stated to an LRC observer:’ a year ago, I started the construction of the house; at the beginning of 2011, my new bride and I inhabited it.In February, 2011, we received and administrative demolition order which we managed to freeze thanks to our lawyer. This morning, Israeli troops accompanied by dozers showed up, they did not only demolish our house but also our dream of having a safe sanctuary.’
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