Demolishing 3 Sheds in Beit Jala town

Demolishing 3 Sheds in Beit Jala town
 Violation: demolishing 3 sheds benefiting 24 people (including 12 children).
Location: al Makhrour – Beit Jala.
Date: December 12, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Khader Khaliliyya, Jeries Qasfa, Majed abu Odeh, and Yousuf Za’mat.

Victims of the Israeli Aggression:
On December 12, 2011, Israeli dozers demolished 3 sheds on the pretext of no construction permits; details on victims:
1.     Khader Khaliliyya: the Israelis demolished a 70-m2-house built in a 1700-m2- field. The owner received a demolition order in September 5, 2011.
An estimated loss of 17,000 was recorded.
2.     Majed abu Odeh and Yousuf Za’mat: the Israelis demolished a 20-m2-shed and a water well built over an 8-dunum-field. The owners did not receive any prior warnings although the Israeli soldiers claimed otherwise.
3.     Jeries Qasfa: demolishing an 80-m2-house built over an 8-dunum- field; the structure is a summer house used by the family.
An estimated loss of 80,000 ILS was recorded.
The family was warned previously.
Table 1: victims of the aggression:
Family members
Jeries Qasfa:
Majed abu Odeh and Yousuf Za’mat
Room (storage)
Khader Khaliliyya
Beit Jala:
It is located 1 km to the west of Bethlehem and 8 km to the south west of the Occupied City of Jerusalem. 3147 dunums (22%) of the town’s lands were confiscated to expand the borders of ‘greater Jerusalem’ and a number of surrounding colonies including:
  • Gilo: it was established in 1971 to cover around 2738 dunums in area nowadays. 1117 dunums are part of Beit Jala lands. The colony is inhabited by 31500 colonists.
  • Har Gilo: it was established in 1972 to cover around 420 dunums in area nowadays. 314 dunums are part of Beit Jala lands. The colony is inhabited by 414 colonists.
Area and Location:
Beit Jala is inhabited by 16700 Palestinians (PCBS). Its total area is 14337 dunums divided into 6142 dunums (area ‘A’), 91 dunums (area ‘B’), and 8104 dunums (area ‘C’) (Oslo Interim Agreement 1995).
Al Makhrour:
Al Makhrour is a valley located to the west of Beit Jala; it has been targeted by the Israelis since the first days of occupation because of its strategic location. It is surrounded by the bypass leading to the Occupied City of Jerusalem (east), al Walaja (north), Battir (west), and al Khader (south). Its total area is around 3500 dunums planted mostly with prunus and olives.


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