Leveling Palestinian Fields in Jericho city and An Nuwei’ma village

Leveling Palestinian Fields in Jericho city and An Nuwei’ma village
 Violation: bulldozing 24 dunums of cultivated fields.
Location: Jericho city and An Nuwei’ma village.
Date: November 22, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: a number of Palestinian farmers.
Agriculture is considered a main source of income for Palestinian families as well as a mean to consolidate their existence. It is why it has been important for the Israelis to target these agricultural lands using all possible means regardless of how inhuman and degrading they are.
On November 22, 2011, Israeli troops and dozers broke into agricultural fields in the eastern side of Jericho before starting a large-scale razing campaign.
The targeted lands were the property of Hasan Ireqat (12 dunums), Khaled Daabes (9 dunums) in Jericho as well as Khader Hmeidat (3 dunums) in An Nuwei’ma.
The fields were completely leveled; beside, the Israelis targeted irrigation networks that used to feed more than 120 dunums.
Most of the target lands were planted with corn as well seasonal crops. It is the first time that they face such an attack despite the fact that there are no nearby Israeli military encampments or colonies. However, it is one km away from by-pass road ’90’.
Omar Bsharat, an agricultural engineer, stated that the agricultural sector in the Jordan Valley has become a major Israeli target; he said in a statement to LRC: ‘the Israeli Occupation prevents activities nearby bypass ’90’; beside, confiscation of tractors on the pretext of trespassing has become a daily scene. More dangerously, the Israelis have limited the Palestinians access to water sources causing an extreme shortage and rendering cultivating seasonal crops almost impossible. All is being done purposefully to knock down agriculture.’
The Israelis justified the aggression by claiming that the lands were state property and that they are being used illegally. After the conquest of the West Bank in June, 1967, the Israelis sought capturing as much agricultural lands as possible in order to hinder Palestinian development which is largely dependant on agriculture. Since the Jordan Valley is the most productive, it has been the main target for Israelis.
All of the Israeli Governments policies included taking over Palestinian natural resources to serve colonial activities and colonies well being. The most significant measure was the capture of water sources in the area and preventing Palestinians from extracting water and using it. Colonization blighted a shadow of aggressions on the Palestinians who are losing lands, homes, and sources of income on daily basis due to the Israeli ethnic cleansing policies.
At the moment, the Israelis are trying to displace the nomads residing in the Jordan Valley and turn their lands into minefields. The Israeli measures show the truth about the radicalism of the Israelis who claim to be the guardians of democracy and human rights in the Middle East.
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