Demolishing 4 Structures in ad Duyuk at Tahta – Jericho

Demolishing 4 Structures in ad Duyuk at Tahta – Jericho
Violation: demolishing 4 residences in ad Duyuk at Tahta.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Al Mutawer, Al Fakhori, Al Zalam, and al Hadj families.
Date: November 16, 2011.
Location: As Steih, ad Duyuk at Tahta – Jericho.
Ad Duyuk at Tahta faced a new wave of Israeli aggressions, violation of the people’s right to adequate housing for the sake of colonial activities. In the early morning hours on November 16, 2011, Israeli troops accompanied by around 20 vehicles and 2 dozers broke into ad Duyuk at Tahta.
They started a demolition campaign against four Palestinian residences on the pretext of no permit in area classified ‘C’ according to Oslo.The demolitions took place before giving the owners any chance to clear the contents of their houses; the residents were taken by surprise and were unable to salvage anything.
Table 1: victims of the Israeli aggression:
Area (m2)
Family members
Misbah al Mutawer
120 8 4
One-story, inhabited
Ammar al Fakhuri
145 11 6
One-story, inhabited
Ali al Zalam
140 8 3
One-story, inhabited
Mohammad al Hadj
100 7 5
One-story, inhabited
505 34 18
Ad Duyuk at Tahta:
One of the newly amended neighborhoods of Jericho city; it is located on the eastern side of the city and inhabited by around 940 people according to Jericho Municipality. It is known for the availability of water while holding Steih spring which pumps around 13 m3/ hour. The area holds a number of varied historical and religious sites.

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