Confiscating 3 Tractors in Hizma

Confiscating 3 Tractors in Hizma
Violation: the Israeli Occupation Army confiscated 3 tractors that belong to An Nawaj’a
Location: Hizma – Jerusalem
Date: October 27, 2011
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army
Victims:  Arab an Nawaj’a residents

In an attempt to uproot more Palestinians and ‘persuade’ them to leave their lands, the Israeli Occupation Army confiscated 3 tractors after breaking into Arab an Nawaj’a dwell, 6 km to the east of Hizma. The tractors used to be used to transfer water from Hizma to the dwell. The Israelis justified their act by claiming that they entered a military zone while referring to the whole dwell which is not recognized by the Israelis and located in a ‘military zone’ according to them. By doing so, the village, which depended largely on the 3 tractors to provide it with the minimum water supply needed for survival, is now facing a huge danger.
Picture 1: Arab an Nawaj’a
The Jordan valley has always been an Israeli target; the area is known for its fertility and availability of water. The Israelis tend t clear the area of its Palestinian residents and replace them with Israeli colonists.
Arab an Nawaj’a:
It is one of the Bedouin dwells that suffered a lot because of the Israeli measures. The inhabitants face day-to-day aggressions intended to drive them out. They are deprived from their basics rights including the right to living properly and with dignity on their lands. Arab an Nawaj’a dwellers come originally from Beer Shiva area, they were forced to move away in 1948 where they first settled in southern Hebron.
Obviously, the lands there did not have enough water or rangelands to support their cattle so they moved again. They were divided into two parts, the first settled near Qalqiliyya, and were called Al Ramadeen, and the other settled in the Jordan Valley.
Arab an Nawaj’a has been a target for the Israeli aggressions like any other Bedouin community in the area. According to the tribe Chieftain, 36 structures received military orders in the past 4 years.


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