Targeting Bir Zeit Grand Mosque – Ramallah Governorate

Targeting Bir Zeit Grand Mosque – Ramallah Governorate
Violation: assaulting Al Hasan Mosque and Bir Zeit University.
Location: Bir Zeit – Ramallah.
Date: September 9, 2011.
Perpetrators: Israeli colonists.
Less than three days have passed over the attack against Al Norayn Mosque and the writing of hostile slogans calling for revenge.A group of colonosits sneaked into the town in the early morning hours and headed towards Al Hasan Mosque and one of the gates of Bir Zeit University; they wrote slogans calling for revenge and other insults to Islam and Muslims.The writings were signed by a group that called itself the ‘truthful’.
It must be noted that it is the first time that colonists break into Bir Zeit, classified as area ‘A’ according to Oslo Agreement which is under full Palestinian control; the incident shows that it seems that there are no limits for the colonists’ attacks.It has been obvious that mosques have become a primary target for the colonists; that could be seen in previous attacks where mosques were torched, defiled, or corrupted.
Most of the mosques that had recently suffered from similar attacks were located in the hearts of Palestinian towns and villages; bilal Ibn Rabah mosque in Huwwara and Yasuf Mosque in Yasuf are just examples. More than 20 mosques had been set ablaze in the last two years.

It is located 5 km from Ramallah and 25 km to the north of Jerusalem. Its total area is 16,000 dunums and is inhabited by 9,000 people. It is surrounded by several Palestinian towns and villages and contains three natural springs.


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