Stop-work Orders in Al ”Arrub north Hebron Governorate

Stop-work Orders in Al ”Arrub north Hebron Governorate
The Israeli Occupation Authorities issued 3-stop-work orders in Al ”Arrub Refugee Camp. On September 8, 2011, officers of the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration broke into the southern part of the camp and handed the notices.
The notices ordered the immediate stoppage of any construction and specified September 27, 2011 as the date for the hearing session to be held in Beit El military court.The locals condemned the Israeli order and viewed it as a step towards limiting development in the refugee camp.
Table 1: victims of the orders:
Family members
Area (m2)
Majed abu Maria
3 1 45 2009
Abdullah Alami
8 6 220 2005
Ahmad al Hakka
N.A N.A 200 2010
Ahmda al Hakka house is under construction while the rest are already inhabited.
Al ‘Arrub Refugee Camp:
It was established in 1949, 15 km to the south of Bethlehem over an area of 0.24 km2.

Picture 4: Al ‘Arrub refugee camp
Like many other refugee camps, it was built by the UNRWA over lands rented from the Jordanian government.The refugees in Al ‘Arrub come from 33 different villages and towns.It is located on the edge of the bypass connecting Hebron with Jerusalem and Bethlehem and faces Israeli raids frequently.The unemployment rate in the camp reaches up to 30% and that is due to low access to the job market.

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