Itmar Colonists Set 3 Palestinian Cars Ablaze in Beit Furik town – Nablus governorate

Itmar Colonists Set 3 Palestinian Cars Ablaze in Beit Furik town – Nablus governorate
Violation: setting three Palestinian cars ablaze.
Date: September 15, 2011.
Perpetrators: Itmar colonists.
Victims: Hamdi Mleitat, Ahmad Mleitat, and Bilal Nasasra.
At dawn, on September 15, 2011, a group of Itmar colonists broke into Beit Furik and sprayed three cars with benzene prior to torching them. The locals managed to prevent the colonists from burning any other cars and managed to drive them away.The damaged cars were 1984 Peugeot 406, property of Hamdi Mleitat, 1984 Opel, property of Ahmad Mleitat, and 1986 Opel, property of Bilal Nasasra.

Picture 1-3: scenes of the aggression
It should be noted that the owners of the cars used to use them to facilitate their work and this will prove to be costly. The colonists herds manage to find new ways to damage Palestinian lives and property; a wide range of aggressions have been recorded throughout the years, cutting trees, burning cars and property, sabotaging, targeting people, especially journalists and medics, among others.
Such actions are conducted under the protection, blessing, and probably supervision of the Israeli Occupation Army troops deployed in the area.
Beit Furik has been suffering from organized aggressions organized by Itma and Alon Moreh colonists; these colonies are inhabited by radical colonists with a mentality driven towards expelling the Palestinians and annihilating their properties, probably their whole existence as well.
Beit Furik – an overview:
The town is located 7 kilometers east of the city of Nablus on the western ridges of the Jordan Valley. The topography there is mountainous and has some hills and valleys. Part of its lands extends eastwards until it reaches the Jordan Valley. The overall area of the town is 36663 dunums while 1,668 dunums are its built-up area. 


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