Israeli Colonists Set a Tent Ablaze in Susiya Yatta – Hebron

Israeli Colonists Set a Tent Ablaze in Susiya Yatta – Hebron
Violation: setting a residential tent ablaze; it used to be a shelter for 12 people.
Location: Susiya, Yatta, Hebron.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Susiya colonists.
Victim(s): Jihad al Nawaj’a.
Jihad al Nawaj’a family escaped death when Israeli colonists set their tent (their home) alight in Susiya.Mohammad al Nawaj’a, Jihad’s father, stated that Jihad’s family (12 members) was awakened by the erupting blaze on September 9, 2011. The flames consumed the tent as a whole. He accused Susiya colonists to be responsible for the attack and said:’ we have seen colonists pointing flashlights towards the tent to see how much damage they inflicted’.

Picture 1-5: torched tent
He said that the fire started by releasing a torched tire towards the tent. The flames consumed all the belongings of the family who managed a narrow escape. He said that the neighbors assisted his son in putting down the fire and added that the Israeli Police showed up and promised to start an investigation which, so far, resulted in nothing. Jihad built this tent in 2009 as a shelter for his 12-member-family, including 6 children; its total area is 20 m2.


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