Jalud… Torched Olive and Expanding Colonies

Jalud… Torched Olive and Expanding Colonies
Violation: torching more than 100 olive trees beside expansions in Jalud.
Date: July 31, 2011.
Perpetrators: Shivut Rahel colonists.
Victims: Jalud farmers.

As part of its mass aggressions against the Palestinians and their properties; on July 31, 2011, Israeli colonists from Shivut Rahel attacked olive fields in Jalud and set 100 olive trees alight. As usual, the Israeli Occupation Army provided the assailants with protection and a getaway route in addition to stalling fire trucks which contributed to the widespread of flames.
Picture 1-2: Jalud fields turned black
Colonial expansion:
Jalud is facing a brutal attack by Israeli colonists who intend to clear the lands of its Palestinian residents. On August 1, 2011, Keda colonists used dozers to plow Palestinian lands in the village to further annex lands.
Picture 3: an Israeli dozer plowing lands near Revava colony
Meanwhile, expansions are taking place in ‘Yish Kodesh’ outpost which seems to be on its way to be officially converted into a colony.
Mr. Abdullah al Hajj, Jalud Village Council President, stated to an LRC observer: ‘The 7 colonies surrounding Jalud turned the lives of Palestinian into…Hell. Many of the new colonies are born from the old ones. The colonists spread a number of mobile homes which will later develop in a colony. These colonies purpose is further suffocate Palestinians; the colonists took as mch agricultural lands as possible; and burned the rest! The 7 Israeli colonies took over all the areas ‘labeled ‘C’ according to Oslo; thus, completely isolating the village.
In addition, the Israelis forced the locals to obtain special permits for them to acces their lands.’
The village of Jalud is located 25 kilometers south east of Nablus. It is connected to the main road through an 8-kilomter secondary road. The overall area of the village is 16,517 dunums of which only 80.5 dunums are its built-up area. Around 1,207 dunums were confiscated by occupation forces for the purpose of establishing colonies. According to the 2007 population census, the Palestinian residents of the village were 464. 


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