The Israeli Occupation Uproots 660 Olive Seedlings in Wadi Qana – Salfit

The Israeli Occupation Uproots 660 Olive Seedlings in Wadi Qana – Salfit
Violation: uprooting 660 olive seedlings.
Location: east part of Wadi Qana – Tubas.
Date: July 11, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: 7 Palestinian families.
The Israeli Occupation had come to realize the importance of the olive trees for Palestinians not only on a financial level but also on a symbolic level as it symbolizes peace and prosperity besides their struggle and commitment to their lands; such commitment rendered olive trees as a target for the Israelis.
On July 11, 2011, the Israeli Occupation announced Wadi Qana as a closed military zone before filling it with tens of soldiers. 2 dozers and EPA officers accompanied the hordes. The dozers uprooted 660 4-year-old olive seedlings that were taken away to a nearby colony.

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The locals described the operation as the largest in 5 years. Two months earlier, the Israeli Occupation Army served the landlords orders demanding the removal of the seedlings and returning to the status quo justifying that by claiming that Wadi Qana is a natural reserve area according to Oslo Agreement.
Landlords, victims of the recent campaign:
1.     Yosuf Mansour (200 trees)
2.     Haitham Mansour (220 trees)
3.     Muqbel Awad (110 trees)
4.     Abdul Hamid Thyab (50)
5.     Abdul Aziz Aqel (50)
6.     Azzam Aqel (30)
7.     Rizq abu Nasser (confiscating equipment)
It must be mentioned that the Israelis uprooted more than 300 trees from the same area in June 28, 2011.Nazmi al Saman, Deir Istiya Governoer, stated to an LRC Observor:’the purpose of uprooting trees is uprooting Palestinians from their homelands and replacing them with strangers. Wadi Qana used to be full of trees and springs and formed a fertile land for agricultural investments. As a result of the Israeli measures, most of the Palestinian farmers abandoned the area and 7 Israeli colonies have been placed there. Even the olive trees have been targeted and uprooted the same way they are trying to uproot Palestinian farmers in order to serve colonization efforts.
The Israeli Occupation had previously announced Wadi Qana, a ten thousands dunums area, as a natural reserve based on Oslo agreements giving the soldiers an implicit permission to act the way they see appropriate regardless of the Palestinian population. On the other hand, colonists residing in the area have full support from the Israeli Government to manipulate the lands and exploit it they way they like. Wadi Qana has been turned into an afflicted area thanks to the Israeli day-to-day aggressions occurring there. Israeli colonies can be seen taking over mountain summit and crawling towards Palestinian villages and towns while Palestinians are helpless!


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