7 stop-work Orders in Wadi al Maleh -Tubas Governorate

7 stop-work Orders in Wadi al Maleh -Tubas Governorate
Violation: 7 stop-work orders issued against 8 tents and 6 shacks.
Date: July 27, 2011.
Location: Wadi al Maleh – Tubas Governorate.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Sub-inspection Committee.
Victims: 7 families in Wadi al Maleh.
In a step towards laying control over Wadi al Maleh and the entire Jordan Valley area by isolating it and intensifying colonization, the Israeli Occupation Authorities served 7 families stop-work orders against tents and shacks on July 27, 2011 on the lame pretext of no permits. Obtaining construction permits in the area is relatively impossible for Palestinians whereas it is quite easy for Israeli colonists.
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Table 1: victims of the Israeli Aggression:
Family members
Children (under 18)
Yaser abu ‘Allam
7 5 1 2
Jameel Ka’abna
9 4 2 1
Yahya Ka’abna
7 2 1 0
Ayed Daraghma
6 3 1 1
Khaled Daraghma
7 4 1 1
Ali Daraghma
2 0 1 0
Salem Ka’abna
5 3 1 1
40 21 8 6
It must be noted that the recent orders will render 7 families (40 people including 21 children) homeless in addition to dmaging 14 different structures. It is part of the Judization plan designated against the whole area while knowing that all the threatened structures are primitive and extremely simple ones. However, the fact that the houses are built of basic materials did not spare them the Israeli ruthlessness.
On the other hand, the Israeli colonies of (Rotem, Pigut, and Michola) are rapidly expanding and prospering while being privileged and obtaining better living conditions than Israelis living even in Tel Aviv or the Occupied City of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the Israeli Occupation has converted more than 70% of the total area of Wadi al Maleh into military zones and mine fields ripping the nomads gathering apart.Numerous casualties have been recorded during the past 5 years; casualties occurring due to random shootings and mines.
The most recent victim was a boy who stepped on a mine while helping his father in herding. 7 military encampments and colonies spread all around Wadi al Maleh obstructing the expansion, natural growth, and development of 5 nomad gatherings spreading in the area.

The Israeli colonies are slowly devouring what remains of Wadi al Maleh whereas Palestinians are deprived from their basic rights, rights that were granted by the International laws and conventions. 460 structures, serving around 2700 Palestinians, are about to become completely abandoned, if they remained, as a result of the Israeli measures. More than 10000 dunums of lands are about to be captured to serve colonial purposes; all of this is happening under the nose of the international community which is standing still.

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