Stop-work Orders for a House and a Warehouse in Bethlehem governorate

Stop-work Orders for a House and a Warehouse in Bethlehem governorate
Violation: a stop-work order for a house and a warehouse.

Location: Al Jab’a.
Date: June 27, 2011.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration – Organization and Construction Unit.
Victim(s): Naser ad Din At Tus.
On june 27, 2011, Mr At Tus was served a stop-work order for his house on the pretext of no permit. Mr. At Tus property is a round 6 dunums in area and the house is around 100 m2; the estimated construction of the house was 60,000 (ILS). It was not the first attack of a similar nature; the Israelis demolished a chicken farm that belonged to Naser besides ordering him to remove a green house, which he did to avoid any possible penalties.
On the same day, the Israelis issued a demolition order for a 70-m2-warehouse, property of Nabil Hamdan.
Nabil suffered from an attack in 2009 while herding his sheep. An Israeli colonists shot at him while he was in his field.
Table 1: victims:
remarks Notification Picture Children Family members Area (m2) Structures victim No.
Under construction 147047 1 10 13 100 1 Naser ad Din At Tus 1
warehouse 305118 2   11 70 1 Nabil Hamdan 2
Previous Aggressions:
The village has suffered from a number of aggressions; the most recent was a large-scale land destruction and trees uprooting campaign.
The village:
It is located 16 km to the north of Hebron on an altitude of 668 m and a total area of 7345 dunums. It is surrounded by Surif, Nahhalin, and Wadi Fukin and a number of small communities. The village is right on the edge of the armistice land.

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