Stop-Work Order in Al Ramadeen – Hebron Governorate

Stop-Work Order in Al Ramadeen – Hebron Governorate
Violation: stop-work order against a house.
Date: May 2, 2011.
Victim: Wahib al Jakhadma.
Perpetrators:  the Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities served Wahib al Jakhadma, a residence of Al Ramadeen, a stop-work order against his house.
Wahib’s mother stated to an LRC observer that on May 2, 2011, officers of the so-called Civil Administration broke into Wadi al Sultan area and served them the order.

The order, numbered 147947, stated that the structure was built illegally. The order had ordered the owner to immediately stop the construction and stated that a hearing session will be held on May 12, 2011 in Beit El Military Court to discuss the future of the residence. The 80-m2-house is in the early construction phases.

The mother stated that her son Wahib, 22, who works as a Policeman in the Palestinian Police, initiated the construction in preparation for his projected marriage. It must be pointed that the Israeli Occupation Authorities have issued several similar orders in March 2011, the orders were designated against houses, a school, and a mosque in Wadi al Sultan.
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