Demolishing Water Wells and Serving Demolition Orders in Idhna – Hebron Governorate

Demolishing Water Wells and Serving Demolition Orders in Idhna – Hebron Governorate
Violation:  demolishing two water cisterns and issuing 8 demolition orders.
Location: Al Ras and Beer al Ballouta areas, Idhna, Hebron Governorate.
Victims: 6 families of Idhna.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Date: May 26, 2011.

On May 26, 2011, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished two water cisterns in areas known as ‘Al Ras’ and ‘Beer al Ballouta’ in the western part of Idhna.They demolished a water cistern for Jibreel al Jayawi in Al Ras area. He stated that he received a notification 2 months earlier. He said that the Israeli dozer destroyed the roof of the cistern before leveling it.
Picture 1: the ruins of the cistern
He stated to an LRC Observer: ‘we built the cistern to use it for gathering rain water which we used to provide water for 120 goat cattle and irrigating some plants. After the destruction of the cistern, which cost us more than 18000 ILS and two months work, we have been using our neighbors’ water and sometimes forced to buy water tanks which cost us more than 10 ILS per m3.
The demolished cistern fitted to hold around 150 m3l’ it was build early 2011. Moreover, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a well, property of Kamal Awwd and located in Beir al Ballouta. The well was used to water a 3-dunum-field.
Picture 2: Awwad well
Demolition Orders:
The Israeli Authorities handed demolition orders for two water wells and 2 agricultural rooms, property of Haitham Abdul ‘Awawda and Abdul Rahman Faraj-Allah.
Picture 3-5: threatened structures
 The order stated that ‘a previous notification was issued in May 4, 2011 and that the structure has been built without permit‘ and demanded the ‘immediate stoppage of construction and returning to the status quo within one week‘ while the notification was issued in May 13, 2011.
Picture A: the issued notification
Mr. ‘Awawda stated that one of the ‘Human Rights Organizations’ had assigned a lawyer to defend their case and that he managed to delay the demolition to an unknown date. The threatened rooms are around 20 m2 and are used for agricultural purposes. The wells are simple ones, pumping 10 m3/ day and used to water a 3-dunum-grape field. Other demolition orders were issued against structures in Beer al Ballouta; they are:
Table 1: demolition orders in Beer al Ballouta:
Built in
Area (m2)
Ahmad Faraj-Allah
Water well
N. A
Irrigating 2 dunums
Agricultural purposes
Mohammad Faraj-Allah
N. A
Irrigating 5 dunums (lemon and vegetables)
Mohammad al batran
N. A
Irrigating 3 dunums (vegetableas)
The Israeli measures are being concurrently held with the beginning of summer; at time when Hebron city and the surrounding localities suffer grievously from shortage of water.


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