Demolishing Three Water Wells and a Shack

Demolishing Three Water Wells and a Shack
On February 17, 2011, Israeli dozer demolished 3 water wells and a shack in Khallit al Furn, southern Hebron. A dozer accompanied by several Israeli soldiers broke into the area, destroyed the wells and the shack with its contents.
The water wells belonged to:
1.     Jamal al Tawil: the well, built in 1999, was 50 m3 in volume. Al Tawil used it to irrigate his 2-dunum-field. In addition, the dozer destroyed a shack that was used as a storage room and a resting room for people working in the farms.

Picture 1: Jamal well ruins

Picture 2: the shack rubble

The owner pointed out that he found an Israeli order on February 13, 2011; the order was a demolition order designated against the well. He added that the order was delivered via the IRCC. The dozer left traces of destruction all around the field as well. He also pointed that the Israeli Authorities had previously demolished three of his shacks in 2007.



Picture 3-4: destrution in Jamal’s field
2.     Abu Hani Ghneim: an Israeli dozer filled the well with rocks. However, the well is very old one and it has a hole rendering it useless.
Picture 5: Ghneim well
3.     Manasra well: the Israelis have also covered a well, a property of Manasra family from Bani N’em, located near by-pass road 60. Loads of rocks were used to cover the well; in addition, the dozer used soild and rocks from the surrounding field leaving a great deal of damage behind.
Picture 6: Manasra’s well

Picture 7: damage done to the field


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