Demolishing tents and Water Wells in Susiya – Yatta Town

Demolishing tents and Water Wells  in Susiya – Yatta Town
The Israeli Occupation Authorities destroyed 7 tents in Susiya, to the south of Yatta, Hebron Governorate. The tents are the property of members of Al Jbour family in Yatta. Many orders with different titles, including stop-work orders, eviction orders, or even blank orders, were issued against the tents. Nevertheless, on February 22,2011, Israeli dozers advanced and destroyed the tents in addition to two water wells and uprooted tens of olive trees.
According to the victims, Israeli dozers broke into the northern part of Susiya and destroyed the tents with the contents and belongings of the family. The owners tried helplessly to stop the dozers before being forced to evacuate the area by Israeli soldiers. After the demolition, some of the victims remained near the ruins before the appearance of some Israeli soldiers who threatened them of deportation if they do not evacuate the area immediately.
It must be noted that hundreds of Al Jbour family members stay in these tents while working in their fields. The Palestinians built the tents to shelter their herds and to protect them from the continuous aggressions of Israeli colonists staying in the nearby Susiya colony.
Views of destruction, Picture 1-11
                      Mahmoud al Jbour tent before destruction &After destruction


                   Issa al Jbour tent before destruction& After destruction
               Mohammad al Jbour tent before destruction &  After destruction


                    Issa M al Jbour tent before destruction & After destruction
                                                                    Omar al Jbour tent before destruction& After destruction
Tent of Tayseer Jabour before demolition 

Women and children were left shelter-less while the ICRC tried to offer aid to the victims.

 Picture 12-13 : traces of mounded food supply
Picture 14 : shelter-less people
The Israeli dozers had also destroyed two water wells, the first is the property of Mohammad al Jbour(95 m3 and used for human usage and irrigation).
 Picture 15: the ruins of the well
 The second is the property of Tayseer al Jbour (90 m3 and used for the same purposes).
Picture 16: the rubble of the second well
The Israeli dozers had, in addition, devastated more than 50 olive trees.

Picture 17: uprooted trees
Eyewitnesses stated that the Israeli dozers, while roaming the area, intentionally rammed any olive tree in near its path. The dozers also plowed parts of the fields to mound the water wells.

Picture 18-20: plowing traces
After the destruction of their shelters and violating their right to residency; the victims pleaded for aid and requested from LRC to assist them and to provide them with especially drinking water. They have also pleaded for providing them with trees to re-plant their fields and to protect their property from the greed of the Israeli Occupier.
  • More aggressions on Susiya, please refer to the LRC report entitled:


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