The Israeli Occupation Demolishes a Mosque and 27 Structures in Khirbit Yirza

The Israeli Occupation Demolishes a Mosque and 27 Structures in Khirbit Yirza
Violation: the Israeli Occupation destroys a mosque and 27 different structures.
Date: November 25, 2010.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Organization and Construction Committee.

As part of the Israeli plans for targeting mosques and worship sites, the Israeli Occupation demolished a mosque in Khirbit Yirza located in the northern part of the Jordan Valley.
The Israelis� did that under the lame pretext of �no permit�. The Israelis consider the area a closed �military zone� regardless of the fact that the Palestinians have deeds proving their ownership of the area. The locals gathered around the mosque in an attempt to prevent the demolition of the mosque but their efforts were in vain. The Israeli Occupation soldiers used life bullets and sound grenades to dismantle the mob.
The demolition process was held soon afterwards in a record speed. The mosque was built a little bit over a year ago with a total area of 120 m2. the compound included a small room and toilets. The construction of the mosque was funded by the villagers totaling 170 people. The mosque received a demolition notification in August, 2010.
Picture 1: the mosque amendments � during construction
Picture 2-3: worshippers praying on the mosque remains

Mohammad al Mallah, Tubas Governorate Legal Consultant, commented on the incident by saying: �the demolition of the mosque is simply a war crime. Such an act totally contradicts with the International law and the Geneva Forth Convention which calls to the freedom to worship and the protection of all the holy shrines whether Islamic, Christian, etc. This Occupation, which never spared people, trees, or even stones, demolished hundreds of houses in the Jordan Valley and other parts of the West Bank. The Israelis pay no respect to any religions or any International agreement. �
The demolition of agricultural shacks in Yirza:
The mosque was not the only target in the Israeli campaign; all of the villagers were included in the plan for driving the villagers out of their homes. In addition to the mosque, 9 agricultural structures that belong to the locals were leveled to the ground during the operation. The Israelis were trying to hit on the only source of living the villagers have.
The Israelis, as usual, justified their brutality by claiming that the structures located in area classified �C� according to Oslo Accord were built without permit. However, the Israelis do not issue permits to build in areas classified �C� when the applicant is a Palestinian. Some of the demolished shacks received demolition notification in August, 2010, others did not.
Table 1: victims of the Israeli Operation in Yirza:
Family members
Children (under 18)
Mis�ada Shreida
15 0 65 cows 1 1 1 residence Notified in August
Fawzi �Einyabosi
6 0 250 goats and 15 cows 4 1 No notification
Mahmoud �Einyabosi
9 7 30 goats 1 No notification
Mohammad Masa�eed
3 0 140 goats and 5 cows 3 Notified in August
Hafiz Masa�eed
5 3 50 goats 2 1 1   Notified in August
Na�im Masa�eed
5 2 100 goat and 15 cow 2   1 120 KG fodder Notified in August
Hasan Daraghma
6 4 80 goat 2 1 Notified in August
Sami Daraghma
5 3 80 goat 2 180 KG of fodder and 60-cubic meter-tank No notification
Ameer Daraghma
6 1 45 cow 3   300 KG of yeast Notified in August
The Mosque
0 0       Notified in August
20 145 cowand 730 goat 20 4 3 600 KG offodder, a residence, a water tank.  
*Source: direct field work � monitoring Israeli violations of human rights team � LRC
Khirbit Yirza � an Overview:
Yirza is located 10 km away from Tubas Governorate, in Al Buqe�a Plain. 12 families (100 people )reside in the area, these are the remains of its original population, counting hundreds, and used to plant the 25000 dunums area including 283 dunums classified as �country root�.
However, the Israeli measures forced most of its population to leave. Yirza is considered a closed �military zone�. The area is used for shooting exercises besides other military usages. It is believed that the Israelis ae interested in the area because of its hilly nature and is used to simulate southern Lebanon region. Such military drills added to the agony of the people either directly or indirectly because of the leftovers the exercises.
In addition to the siege of Khirbit Yirza and disallowing people in and out. The remains of the Israeli simulations in the area have left many dead or injured. Some Palestinians were injured as a direct result of the exercises; others were hit by the bombs and land mines that the Israelis intentionally leave in the area.

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