Following the Destruction of their Home… Al Rajabi’s are Facing Expulsion Threats

Following the Destruction of their Home… Al Rajabi’s are Facing Expulsion Threats
The Israeli Occupation is conducting a continuous policy of expulsion, eviction, and seizure against the Palestinian population. The facts on the ground are the best prove to that, not only recently but throughout the Israeli history as the Israeli crimes against humanity speak for themselves. Senot area, the Oak as referred to by some of the locals, is located near Bani Na’im village. The area has turned into a ghost town subsequent to the Israeli dozers leveling of the area, twice, as if the Israelis were trying to torment the owners!
On July, 21, 2010, the Israeli Occupation forces demolished Al Rajabi’s house and the surrounding barns and fields. The family was forced to seek shelter in the tent provided by the ICRC and an old bus left to rust in the area. The tent was placed over the water well, the only structure left in the area. Nevertheless, the Israeli forces threatened to demolish the well.

Picture 1: the well prior to destruction
Picture 2: remains of the house – 21-7-2010
The Israelis implemented their threat by destroying the well and the tent. Not only that, they also threw the belongings of the family in the water ruining whatever left.
A field visit by an LRC observer had taken place after the first attack; the visit showed the determination of the family who refused to evacuate their lands despite the Israeli oppressions. The family faced a great deal of injustice and oppression. Apparently, this was not enough to break them. During the second visit, which took place after the second wave of destruction; the LRC observer found nothing but silence and destruction. No people, no children playing, nor the old lady who was determined to remain in her ancestors lands!

Picture 3: silence
Picture 4: the area was full of children
A destroyed water well, some kitchen tools, clothes and a tent mixed with ground, and matrices  could be viewed in the area. These are what remained to the family after the oppression! Sanut is a witness to the Israeli measures, the Israeli Occupation who claims to be a peaceful one; who claims to be respectful for the human rights. apparently, the only thing the Israelis respect is power and destruction!
Picture 5: the remains of the well

Picture 6-9: the area witnessing injustice.
For further information, please refer to LRC report published on July 25, 2010.

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