New Israeli Closures South of Hebron

New Israeli Closures South of Hebron
In conjunction with the onset of the direct negotiations, Israeli occupation forces closed down a number of entrances in Hebron Governorate especially in its southern parts; on the 2nd of September, 2010, Israeli occupation forces closed down the main entrances of town of Bani Na’eim. The first entrance to the town from the side of the by-pass road was closed by placing barbwires on the street as to prevent entry and exit from the town.

Pic.1: The entrance of Bani Na’eim closed with barbwire
On the other hand, Israeli forces closed the second entrance leading to the town through the community of Al Jalajel by placing a number of cement blocks on the road. The two closures forced Palestinians to use an alternative rugged road through the community of Al Beqa to reach the City of Hebron.
Pic.2: The closed Bani Na’eim – Al Jalajel road

Pic.3: Bani Na’eim vehicles using a rugged road to reach the City of Hebron.
The closures continued for a period of 10 days as Israeli occupation forces re-opened the Bani Na’eim-Al Jalajel street while keeping the barbwires present on the other street on on-and-off basis.
Moreover, Israeli occupation forces have re-closed the main entrance to the village of Beit Einoon, north east of the city of Hebron, on the 2nd of September, 2010. The forces have re-opened that closure on the 15th of August, 2010 after a closure that lasted for more than 8 years.
Pic.4 + 5: Israeli occupation forces at the entranceof Beit Einoon after its re-closure

According to the residents of the village, Israeli occupation forces lessened its grip on this closure at Eid Al Fitr when they removed the roadblocks for a period of two hours. When the two hours passed, they re-closed it again.
Furthermore, the occupation forces have reclosed a large number of opening all along By-Pass Road 60 specially between the area of Al Fahs (south of the city of Hebron) and Al Samu’ junction near the village of Rabud. These opening were usually secondary roads leading to private lands owned by Palestinians from the cities of Hebron and Dura. Of those closures, occupation forces closed the road leading to the village of Qilqis (south of the city of Hebron), a road leading to the village of Deir Razeh (south of the city of Dura) and another road near the khirbet of Hafayer Bisim (also south of the city of Dura).
Pic.6: An Israeli bulldozer creating a closure near the village of Qilqis, south of Hebron City.
Pic.7: Israeli occupation forces close a secondary road near Hafayer Bisim.
The aforementioned By-Pass Road 60 have witnessed an extensive presence of Israeli forces as a large number of flying checkpoints were erected at the entrances of major cities in Hebron Governorate that worked on stopping Palestinian vehicles and checking the IDs of its passengers. Other flying checkpoints were established at the southern entrance of the city of Dura, Al Fawwar refugee camp, the villages of Abda and Wadi Al Shajneh in addition to the intersection leading to the towns of Al Samu’ and Adh Dhahiriya.
A sample of these flying checkpoints was taken on the morning of Tuesday September 14th, 2010. On this day the following checkpoints were reported:
1.     The entrance of the village of Arab Al Ramadien from the side of the town of Adh Dhahiriya. Israeli soldiers stopped Palestinian cars and searched them extensively.
2.     Murooj Duma (north of Adh Dhahiriya): a presence of Israeli soldiers was recorded searching Palestinian vehicles.
3.     As Samu’ junction near the village of Rabud: a semi-permanent checkpoint has been set up at the said location since early September, 2010. Daily searches and checks are carried out at this junction. The Rabud closure was lifted only two months ago after a continuous closure for a period of 8 years. 
4.     The entrance of the village of Abda (south of Dura): Israeli occupation forces were stationed at the cement blocks placed there by them. Soldiers checked Palestinian vehicles coming out of the village towards the by-pass road.
5.     The entrance of the village of Wadi Al Shajneh. Presence of Israeli soldiers was reported as they checked Palestinian vehicles exiting the village to the by-pass road en route to the city of Dura.
6.     Al Fawwar Roundabout (linking between Al Fawwar refugee camp and the city of Dura). On the said day, three Israeli flying checkpoints were   observed; one on the road leading to the town of Dura, one towards Al fawwar and one towards the village of Al Hijreh.
It is worth pointing out that these flying checkpoints were placed at the beginning of the new school year and as employees went back to their work stations after Al Eid vacation. The presence of these flying checkpoints and hurdles have caused needles delays to all those involved.

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