Continuous Aggressions against Al Baq’a in Hebron City

Continuous Aggressions against Al Baq’a in Hebron City
Violation: sabotaging and confiscating an irrigation network.
Violators: Israeli soldiers accompanied by a dozer.
Victims: The Jabers.
Date: July 6, 2010.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities sabotaged an irrigation network in Al Baq’a eastern Hebron. An LRC field researcher witnessed the whole incidence.
On July 6, 2010, a group of Israeli soldiers accompanied by a bulldozer and workers appeared. The workers started pulling off hundreds of meters of pipes prior to confiscating them. Farmers stated to the LRC observer:’ on July 6, 2010, Israeli soldiers accompanied by the water works company workers broke into our fields and started cutting the pipes.
Photo 1 & Photo 2: Israeli troops while raiding Al – Baq’a and confiscating irrigation networks
They confiscated fertilizers, pesticide, and the irrigation networks pipes; they also trampled over hundreds of seedlings while doing so’. Catastrophic damage has been done to the fields that support tens of Palestinian families and are considered their only source of income.
Photo 3 , Photo 4 and Photo 5: the effects of sabotage
Mer’i Jaber, one of the victims, said that the Israeli soldiers viciously used gas grenades against whoever tried to protect his property. He also said that his pregnant 43-year-old mother was taken to the hospital because she had almost suffocated. She had to stay there for two days before recovering. In addition, Tala Jaber (5), suffered from burns in his hands because of a gas grenade that penetrated his home.
Picture 6: burn marks
Badran Jaber said that the Israelis tend to cleanse Al Baq’a from its Arab residents through continuous aggressions; similar to the one happened on July 6. They tend to expand the colonies of Kharsina and Kiryat Arba on Palestinian lands. Badran was forced to replace the trees he had with vegetables because of the unstoppable aggressions.
Table 1: victims:
Area (dunum)
Badran Jaber
Squash, Cauliflower
Rabi’ Jaber
Najib al Rajabi
‘Izzo al Rajabi
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