Torching Tens of Dunums in Um al Qaba in the Northern Jordan Valley

Torching Tens of Dunums in Um al Qaba in the Northern Jordan Valley
Violation: Torching tens of dunums of agricultural lands.
Location: Um al Qaba Parcel – Northern Jordan Valley.
Date: May 15, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Palestinian farmers.
 since its occupation in 1967, the Jordan valley area has been facing double jeopardy, the Israeli Occupation Army and the herds of colonists roaming the area and inhabiting 21 Israeli colonies built on the valley lands which are considered extremely fertile.

People still residing in the Jordan Valley area are deprived from the least services. In addition, any attempt to exploit land might lead to extreme punishment by the Israeli Army or the colonists. Moreover, even building a simple wooden or metal house might lead as well to unbearable penalties.
The grazing areas became unreachable thanks to several military orders that consider 46% of the total area of the valley ‘military zones’ and the mine fields spread around.  The Israeli Army and colonists’ aggressions are not limited to land confiscation and preventing the landlords from utilizing it; they also try to torch land, crop, and trees. They believe that setting several fires in the area will drive the Palestinian inhabitants out which will make land seizure a much easier task.
on May 15, 2010, flames spread in Um al Qaba area. During military trainings, the Israeli soldiers burnt tens of dunums of Palestinian lands while firing rifle rounds and using flash bangs. Such trainings are done repeatedly under the pretext of military training or guarding the area.
The action of the Israeli Army has severely damaged the lands which their owners were not able to reach or exploit for a long time  since it was announced a military zone by the Israeli Army. The unveiled purpose for the Israeli measures is forcing the Palestinian inhabitants out of their land in order to further serve the colonial expansion in the area.
It must be noted that the Israeli side faced the flames with cold heartedness and prevented the owners from getting to their lands to put down the fire. They also prevented the fire trucks from reaching the area which allowed the raging flames to consume large areas.
It must be noted that the Israeli side intensifies its training during the summer especially in areas that Palestinians use as grazing areas or lands used for planting.
It happened many times that while the farmers are readying themselves to harvesting their yield, Israeli dozers level large areas of land which drastically affects the villagers’ plans and deprive many families from their sole source of income. Whenever a fire starts in the area, the Israeli Army blames the heat wave and tries to deny responsibility for the harm.

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