Israeli Colonists set fire in Palestinian Property in Wadi al Nasari neighborhood

Israeli Colonists set fire in Palestinian Property in Wadi al Nasari neighborhood
Violation: setting two commercial shops and an apartment on fire.
Date: May 29, 2010.
Location: Wadi al Nasari neighborhood – Hebron city.
Violators: Kiryat Arba colonists.
Victim: Fathi al Ja’bari.
Fire had started in two commercial shops and spread to an attached apartment in Wadi al Nasari near Kiryat arba colony. Fathi al Ja’bari, the owner, said that fire devoured his shops and the apartment including their contents in the night of May 29, 2010.06.03

Picture 1-4: damage done by fire
Al Ja’bari, accused the colonists living in Kiryat Arba by saying:’ I hold Kiryat Arba’s colonists and the Israeli Occupation Authorities accountable for the attack’. He also stated that the area is surrounded by Israeli colonists and soldiers and the Palestinians there are placed under 24 hour’s surveillance; no Palestinian dares to be here at night. Al Ja’bari stated that the shops doors were opened using a lever which left a mark before being torched.
Picture 5: broken doors
One of Al Ja’bari’s neighbors claimed that he went to Hebron City Hospital for an emergency at around 1:00 am and he did not see any flames which mean that the fire had started after one o’clock in the morning. Palestinians are disallowed to use that street, and many others, during the nights and is used by colonists only.
On May 29, 2010, Al Ja’bari said that he was shocked to see that the shops doors were broken and that flames consumed all the contents. Al Ja’bari added that he called the Israeli Police and informed them about the incident. They [the Police] ordered Al Ja’bari not to touch anything or open the doors before they come to inspect the crime scene on the next day. However, he waited to an avail though the Police never showed up. He decided to open the doors by himself and inspect the shops in addition to estimating damage which were around 20000 shekels.
Picture 6: Kiryat Arba entrance
Al Ja’bari pointed out previous aggressions and insults that included writing offensive and racist mottos against him, the Arabs, and the Muslims. He also said that the Israeli Authorities can simply track the camera recording to be able to identify the assailants in case they had the intention to.


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