The Israeli Occupation Authorities blockades 3 entrances of Jabir Neighborhood

The Israeli Occupation Authorities blockades 3 entrances of Jabir Neighborhood
Violation: closure of three side entrances.
Date:  March 25, 2010.
Violators:  the Israeli Occupation Authorities
Victims: residents of Jabir neighborhood.

The Israeli Occupation Authorities have closed the side entrances of Jabir Neighborhood using three meters high cement blocks and iron rods.
Picture 1+2: cement blocks impeding movement
One of the victims, Mr. Usama abu Sharkh stated to an LRC observer:’ 10 days earlier, I was shocked to see a bunch of Israeli soldiers accompanied by winches and cement blocks. Soon afterwards, they closed the neighborhood entrances. One of the entrances is 5 meters away from our house. In addition, they used iron rods and plates to support the cement blocks and to prevent visual’.
Picture 3: iron plates used to support the cement blocks
The Israeli Occupation Army did not state the reason for the closure. According to the locals, they claim that the Israelis used to take such actions to more restrain the Palestinians. The Israelis always claim that it is done for the colonists’ protection. The closed side roads are branches of the ‘worshippers’ street’ which has been closed since 2000.
The Israeli usually claim that they are releasing the pressure on the Palestinians by facilitating movement. However, these allegations were never true; on the contrary, the harassments are increasing every day. The most recent closures have completely obstructed movement of many Palestinians living in Jabir neighborhood.  These people are forced to use narrow and unpaved paths in order to get to the main roads.
Pictures 4+5+6: unpaved and narrow paths
One of the victims of the recent closure is Mr. Abu Sharkh and his seven members’ family in addition to his disabled mother. Mr. Abu sharkh says that he has to carry his mother through the unpaved paths to get her to hospital every ten days. The closure affected Rasmi Jabir and Suhad Jabir and their families.
Hebron Rehabilitation Committee is currently renovating three houses in Jabir neighborhood, close to the cement blocks. It must be known that the Israeli Authorities prohibit the entrance of trucks to the area. So, whenever construction materials are needed, the trucks have to unload before the checkpoint and the materials are passed across the checkpoint using wagons and animals.
Picture 7+8: houses that are being renovated by HRC
The locals denied any movement facilities saying that ‘it is an illusion living in the Occupation media services’. It must be mentioned that families living in Jabir neighborhood, like any other family living in Hebron Old City, suffer from day-to-day aggressions from the colonists living in Kiryat Arba’ and other colonies in the area. In a desperate attempt to protect his children and house, Abu Sharkh fenced the premises of his house using barbered wire.
Picture 9: barbered wire surrounding Abu Sharkh residence


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