The Segregation Wall Gates… a Source of Continuous Agony for Qalqiliya Farmers

The Segregation Wall Gates… a Source of Continuous Agony for Qalqiliya Farmers
Violation: the closure of gate 1037 placed on the segregation wall section built on Qalqiliya and forcing farmers to pass through the distant gate 1050.
Location: Qalqiliya City.

Date: early March, 2010.
Violators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims: Qalqiliya farmers.
Since the beginning of March, the Israeli Occupation Army has diverted the path of the Palestinian farmers by closing gate 1037 – located near Zofim colony – and forcing them to pass through the distant gate 1050 located 2 km to the south.
Photo 2: The arid pictures show gates 1037 and 1050 on the segregation wall
The decision certainly serves Zofim colony which was built on Palestinian lands in 1989.
Preventing Palestinian farmers from reaching their lands will ease the expansion of the colony.
The victim of the Israeli verdict is the Palestinian farmer who, now, has to move extra 2 km to reach his land behind the wall and than when he is allowed to pass through the gates due to the strict Israeli measures.
It must be known that more than 3500 dunums of Palestinian lands have been isolated behind the Israeli segregation wall. All of these lands are planted with trees that need intensive care which adds to the suffering
The 13606 meters long section of the wall that surrounds Qalqiliya has a catastrophic effect on the Palestinians lives
More than 47700 Palestinians who live in ‘ghettos’ suffer in the economical and social aspects of their lives.
The Segregation Wall Surrounding Qalqiliya:
The Israelis started the construction of the wall around Qalqiliya as part of the first phase of the construction held in 2002.
Two sections of the wall surround Qalqilya, the western, which is built on the ‘green line’, and the eastern section, not completed yet, which separates the city and its surrounding villages from the surrounding Israeli colonies.
  • The Western Section:
This part is built in parallel to the green line; it extends from northern Qalqiliya, Falamya village, and surrounds the Israeli colony Zufim. Then, its path goes deep into the West Bank near Qalqiliya City in order to surround the colonial district of Alfe Menashe. The wall path keeps extending to the south for the sake of surrounding the Israeli colonies of Oranit and Sha’are Tikva to the south of Qalqiliya.
Construction of the western section is completed. Now, it is 53 km long and 55~120 meters wide.
More than 41960 dunums of Palestinian fields were isolated behind this section of the wall. In addition, 4000 dunums were plowed.
The total number of victims of the wall is more than 2500 farmers. 
Furthermore, more than 19 wells, including one that was destroyed, were isolated behind the wall. Another 42 were severely damaged by the construction process.
Even more, 41 dunums of green houses were leveled in addition to another 700 which have been isolated behind the wall.
Even trees were not spared; 40880 trees were uprooted during construction. In addition, 179481 trees were held unreachable behind the wall.
11 chicken farms (holding more than 50000 birds) were inaccessible behind the wall.
A total of 22 iron gates are placed on this section of the wall, most of these gates are usually closed, and the others are rarely open for short and no patterned intervals.
Four Palestinian villages and three nomads’ gatherings were detached behind the wall.
  • The Eastern Section:
This section is still under construction, its construction is supposed to include the 3 colonies of Shamron in addition to Emmanuel colony within its boundaries.
In case the wall was constructed according to the Israeli plans, hundreds of dunums will be made unapproachable.

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