Israeli Colonists Escalate their Aggressions against Palestinians

Israeli Colonists Escalate their Aggressions against Palestinians
Violation: taking over a natural well in the village.
Date: March 8, 2010.
Location: Al Nwetif well, eastern Qarawat Bani Hassan.

Violators: Netufim colony colonists.
Victims: Qarawat Bani Hassan villagers.
Tens of Jewish extremist broke into the lands of Qarawat Bani Hassan on March 8, 2010. The colonist used Netufim colony as a rally point before charging.
The colonists attacked a vital spot, where Al Nwetif well stands. This area is vital for the Palestinians living in the village because it is the main source of water used for the different aspects of life and agriculture.
Photos 1+2+3: Nitafim Colonists attempt to lay theirhands on Al-Nutif spring- Qarawat Bani Hassan

It is not the first take over attempt by the Israeli colonists.
The colonists tried to put their hands on the well, which is one km away from the colony and 4 km from the Palestinian village, by building a fence around it and plowing whatever land in the area. However, the Palestinians stood against them and preserved their right in the crucial water source.
All this happened in synchronization with the Israeli Government announcing that it shall stop any random colonization activity. Nevertheless, the hidden agenda of the Israeli Occupation Government supports the colonization schemes carried out by the Israeli colonists living in the West Bank; indeed, all of their schemes implemented under the protection of the Israeli Occupation Police and Army.

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