House Demolitions in the Occupied City of Jerusalem during the month of January 2010

House Demolitions in the Occupied City of Jerusalem during the month of January 2010
‘No-permit’, the Justification used whenever the Israeli Occupation Authorities conduct a certain structure demolition process through the Jerusalem Municipality. During the first month of the current year, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished 6 Palestinian houses (3 in Jaba’, 1 in Silwan, 1 in At Tur, and another one in the Old City). 

This is a clear indication of the ‘transfer’ policy pursued by the Israelis, a policy that contradicts with the Geneva Fourth Pack. There are no doubts that the lack of construction permits is caused by the strict and vague rules imposed by Jerusalem Municipality when it comes to Palestinians, whereas, it is very easy for Israeli Colonists to receive permits even when they do not show proof of land ownership.
In addition, any demolition order issued against a Palestinian residence is carried out immediately, whereas, for Israelis, it is never done against any Israeli residence no matter what the infringement was.
Number of structures
Area (m2)
Family members
Khaled abu Shawasha
At Tur
Forced self-demolition
Harun Barqan
Forced self-demolition
Hasan, Noah, and Moh’d Ka’abnah
Israeli Occupation Civil Administration carried out the process
Faruq al Mamluk
Old City
Forced self-demolition
The Israeli Occupation Ministry of Interior forces Abu Shawasha family to self destruct their house:
On January 7, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Ministry of Interior forced Abu Shawash family to self destruct their home under threats of destroying it on the family’s expense. The Israeli Occupation Ministry of Interior handed Abu Shawasha a demolition order that to be executed within 24 hours or they will demolish the house on the owner’s expense. The Owner that is the sole supporter of a 7 members’ family cannot afford the demolition costs. As a result, he was forced to demolish the 36m2 house that is built of cement blocks and asbestos ceiling on January 10 and 11, 2010. Um Yousuf, the house wife, stated:’ we live in Al Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood were we face daily aggressions by Israeli colonists. A year earlier, we built the simple house near At Tur to use it as a sanctuary during holidays’.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities forces Barqan Clan to self demolish their resident:
On January 14, 2010, the Jerusalem Municipality forced Harun Burqan to destroy his own house and barn under threats of destroying it on the owner’s expense. The house was the only shelter for the 8 members (6 of them are children) of the family.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities destroy 3 houses in Jaba’:
On January 19, 2010, bulldozers of the ‘Civil Administration’ leveled 3 houses in Jaba’ village. The houses that belonged to the brothers Hasan, Noah, and Moh’d K’abna used to shelter 25 people. The Israeli Authorities justified the act by the usual no-permit justification while claiming control over areas classified ‘C’ according to Oslo Agreement.
The Israeli Occupation Policies coerce the Palestinians to destroy their houses:
On January 27, 2010, the Jerusalem Municipality coerced Faruq al Mamluk to destroy a 9m2 room that has been under construction since 2004. The room is located in the Old City. Moreover, the Municipality fined Faruq an amount of 6000 NIS (to be paid on two payments) for building without permission. It must be known that Faruq was put into custody for three days in order to oblige him to pay on time.
The Land Research Center perceives forcing Palestinians to demolishing their own houses as a torture to the owner and his family. LRC calls for immediate action from the International Community in order to preserve the Palestinians right to safe residency in their properties.


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