Susiya colonists open a dirt road on Palestinians lands in Southern Yatta town

Susiya colonists open a dirt road on Palestinians lands in Southern Yatta town
Israeli colonists accompanied by a group of colonists opened a dirt road on Palestinian lands south east of Khirbit Susiya to the south of Yatta Town.

Picture 1: marks of opening the road
Naser al Nawaj’a, a resident of the area, stated to an LRC observer that the construction works were commenced on December 9, 2009. A 1.5 km road that connects the eastern parts of Susiya colony – built on Yatta town lands – and the area called ‘Wadi Jheish’ within As Samu’ town boundaries. Al Nawaj’a added that opening the road is part of the Israeli Occupation plans that calls for controlling thousands of dunums marked as ‘security zone’.
The Israeli Occupation Authorities announced assuming control over thousands of dunums and distributed maps showing the ‘security zone’ area and forbade the locals from grazing or planting in the area.
Picture 2: a map showing the ‘security zone
It must be pointed that Susiya colonists are escalating their aggressions against the Palestinians residing in Khirbit Susiya. He stated that the latest attack was firing bullets on the tires of a tractor belonged to Jebril al Hleis while plowing his lands located to the west of the colony. Al Nawaj’a said that Al Hleis was plowing his lands after receiving a permit from the ‘Israeli Occupation Civil Administration’ who in turn guaranteed his and his tractor safety. However, this did not stop the colonists’ aggressions that assaulted him, shot some rounds on the tractor’s tires, and forced him to leave the area.
Khalil abu ‘Ein, an owner of a piece of land located to the west of an Israeli Army outpost built on Khirbit Susiya lands, Khalil said that Israeli soldiers and colonists stopped him while trying to plow his lands a couple of months ago. He asserted that he was able to plow part of the land but was afraid to continue because of the continuous aggressions.
In an attempt of preserving their lands, inhabitants of Khirbit Susiya started planting their lands with olive trees in order to stop the rapid expansion of Susiya colony.
Picture 3: residents of Khirbit Susiya planting olive trees
It must be pointed that the Israeli Occupation Army has placed an observation tower to monitor the locals’ movements. During a visit of an LRC observer a couple of months ago, he noticed some construction materials and some cement blocks brought to the outpost. During last week’s visit, some changes could be seen; the Israeli Occupation Army placed an observation tower besides placing a new outpost located to the south east of the tower. The purpose of this is providing extra protection for the colonists while conducting their belligerences against the Palestinians.
Picture 4+5: the most recent outpost

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